What tankless water heater maintenance do you need to regularly complete? Find out in this quick checklist by clicking here.

A Quick Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Checklist

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the proud owner of a tankless water heater. This home hardware lets your family have a hot shower whenever you please. It can also help you save plenty of money on water and energy bills.

But with all of its benefits, you’ll also need to ensure you regularly perform tankless water heater maintenance.

The question is, how often and what do you need to check? That’s what we’re here to find out!

Unclog Filter System

It consists of two main components, the filter and the flush valve. The flush valve must be cleaned and the filter replaced when necessary. To do this, ensure the power to the heater is off, open the access panel, remove the filter, and clean it with a brush and vacuum.

If it is damaged beyond repair, replace it. Cleaning the flush valve requires unscrewing the access panel and cleaning it with soap and water. Once the filter and valve have been washed and checked, replace them and turn on the power.

Clean the Burner Chamber

Cleaning the chamber should be included in your tankless water heater maintenance checklist. To clean the burner chamber, turn off the water and gas supply to the appliance. Carefully remove the burner chamber cover and use a wire brush to remove accumulated debris.

Once the debris is gone, vacuum the chamber with a shop vac or appropriate vacuum cleaner. Finally, wipe down the chamber with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust or dirt. 

Make Sure No Corrosion Has Occurred

A few simple checks every three to six months can help keep these units running efficiently and prolong their life. It is essential to make sure no corrosion has occurred in or around the team. Ensure all external parts are free of rust and internal thermostats and pipes are also free of buildup.

Keeping the outside of the unit debris-free will also help prevent corrosion. Regularly check the electrical, gas, or fuel connections for tightness and proper fitment.

Inspect Gas Line Fittings

Make sure all connections are taped as required for a safe link. Check mechanically to make sure no leaks exist. Follow this up with checking the exhaust venting. Clear any blockages and verify that any necessary condensate drains are functioning to prevent water from backing up.

Lastly, confirm that the gas pressure is appropriate for the water heater’s BTU input. Regular maintenance of the water heater will extend its lifespan and ensure that proper performance is maintained.

Consider Using an Electric Water Heater

Ensure the heater is ventilated properly and installed in an area free from debris or dust. Check the thermostat settings to ensure the water temperature is optimal for your needs. Once in a while, you should flush the heater to remove any collected sediment.

Ensure the water heater pressure is constant, and check the water filter to see if it needs replacing. You can also use an electric water heater to keep your showers hot and utility bills under control.

Follow This Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Checklist Today

Tankless water heater maintenance is an essential task. To keep your water heater in optimal condition, follow the quick maintenance checklist outlined in this article. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for detailed maintenance info.

So, don’t delay. Follow these tips today!

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