Are you looking for one of the coolest ways to make custom portraits? Then check out these great ideas for your next family photo.

Custom Portraits: 5 Really Cool Ways to Showcase Pets and Family

Smiling, you look around at your family: you want to have custom portraits made to remember this time forever. 

A custom family portrait is a fantastic idea for the memories. You can have it in your house as a reminder of the strong family structure inside. This includes your pets, too! 

If you are looking for some cool ways to make custom portraits, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading below for five ideas as to how to showcase your family and pets. 

1. Make It a Cartoon Drawing

You can go the cartoon route if you and your family are a bunch of awesome nerds! Have a cartoon artist capture all of your essences in this vein: you will find the final product to be both fun and endearing. 

Choose a cartoon that you love, then ask the artist if they can emanate that style. Anime fans, you can even ask to be immortalized as an anime drawing!

2. Drawing or Painting from a Photo

If you want something more realistic, you can ask an artist to paint or draw your family from a photo. 

This option is great because you keep the realism of the photo alive while giving it an artistic twist. Impersonate Me is one great place you can get a custom pet or human portrait! 

Sometimes, you want someone’s realistic look to shine through, but you also want some artistic aesthetic to it. 

3. Watercolor Portraits

You can even get a custom portrait painting in watercolor too. This can be a beautiful, touching way to highlight a relationship. 

Whether it is you and your pet, you and your kid, or you and your partner, watercolor custom portraits will help you memorialize a special moment. 

Send the artist a photograph and watch it take an artistic turn with streaks of color and beautiful embellishments! 

4. Faceless Artwork

Are you looking for even more aesthetic? Try faceless artwork for your custom portraits!

This is not a spooky thing; rather, it is all about giving scenes a more aesthetic look. Using soft colors, an artist can recreate the scene with faceless figures. They can show clothes and poses so that you know what photo it refers to. 

If you are looking for something more unique to showcase in your home, this is a great option for all family and pet portraits. 

5. Line Drawing

Go for simple custom portraits when you choose a line drawing

A line drawing is exactly how it sounds: just a lined outline in black and white of you and your family. For those who prefer a simpler, black-and-white aesthetic, this one is for you! 

Choose Your Custom Portraits Design Today

You now know five options for custom portraits: cartoon, realistic drawing or painting, watercolor, faceless artwork, and a line drawing. 

Any one of these choices will show how special your family is to you and what memories you share. 

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