There's a lot of gossip and hearsay in the HVAC industry today. Let's debunk the most common myths that exist about HVAC companies today.

Debunking the Most Common Myths About HVAC Companies That Exist Today

Did you know that around 31% of US households have trouble paying their energy bills each month? Most of that comes from heating and cooling costs.

But do you know how to cut those bills down?

There are a lot of misconceptions that result in higher costs. Read on as we discuss the myths about HVAC companies.

Bigger Is Better

When it comes to your HVAC system, bigger isn’t always better. The larger it is, the worse it can become. Not only will you pay for the power you don’t need, but more extensive systems also tend to cycle on and off more often.

Not only does a larger system cost more on a daily basis but the initial cost difference can also be staggering. To see what I mean, head over to Brooks Heating and Air: HVAC installation in Manassas. These pros can give you a better idea of the daily and startup cost of a system.

The size of a system should be measured against the size of the property. You’ll find that variable speed systems use tons to gauge a system’s power. Usually, this should be rounded up once an HVAC company has measured your home.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever use the full power of the system. However, the best HVAC company will always round up, and they aren’t overselling a system for you.

Maintaining a Temperature Is Cheaper

One myth that exists is that heating a cold room is more expensive than if you maintain it at a consistent temperature. This usually involves setting your thermostat at one level and leaving it like that all day and night.

If this was true, then you would have no need for programmable thermostats at all. In addition, you’re paying for heating or cooling at times when you really don’t need it. This could be when you’re in bed or out at work.

HVAC companies will always recommend a programmable or smart thermostat, and not because they cost more. The best way to save money is to set a programmable thermostat. Have it on at the times when you need it, and off or lower when you don’t.

Duct Tape Can Fix Duct Leaks

Duct tape is not the most aptly named product. How would you feel if a local company turned up with duct tape as their HVAC equipment? While it may be a very temporary fix, ducts need immediate attention.

What needs to be used is a special type of foil. This is not always available to the general public, but a professional HVAC company will have it. More likely, they’ll do permanent fixes that last for years to come.

Duct tape is also dangerous, as it has a tendency to melt in high temperatures. Not only is this a hazard, but it can damage surrounding furnishings and fittings.

Windows Are the Biggest Loss of Heat and Cool Air

Windows are one of the main culprits for losing heat and cool air. However, it’s unlikely to be the main source of loss. Any good HVAC company will let you know that the ceiling and roof are the most common cause.

Heat rises, so the average home will lose around half of its heat from poor insulation and leaks in the roof or ceiling. Make sure you have adequate insulation in your roof or attic and make sure the roof is well maintained. After this, check the caulking around your windows.

You Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

One of the biggest myths is that you don’t need regular heating and AC maintenance. A local HVAC company can save you a lot of money with quick checks and cleaning of your system. If not, your system may be working overtime, bringing down its life expectancy and using more energy to do so.

Think of all the air that goes through the system. It contains dust, dirt, pollen, and moisture. This can clog in the ducts, particularly the air filters.

In turn, the air that comes through carries this dirt. Because there’s less air, the rest of the system works overtime, using more power.

Portable Heaters Save Money

Portable heaters are not more cost-efficient than an HVAC system. They are good at heating small areas, which may happen to be areas where your heating takes a while to kick in. This can make it seem like they’re doing a better job.

However, the electricity you use will never be as efficient as your HVAC system. Gas is much more efficient and a good system will heat the whole home, not just one area. In addition, many people run portable heaters while they have central heating running, doubling their costs.

Full Power Means Quicker Heating or Cooling

The thermostat is a regulator. It checks the temperature of the room and tells the system to turn on or off, depending on how it’s been set. Once that temperature is reached, it then switches the system off.

Your thermostat does not tell your system to work any harder or faster. It just tells it to turn on. A good HVAC company would never advise you to run any systems at full power.

Closing Vents Saves Money

Closing vents is not a cost-saving exercise when it comes to HVAC. All this does is reroute the airflow, meaning the same air will just arrive at a different point. In addition, it can have a negative impact, rerouting the airflow and causing pressure buildup in certain parts.

If you want to have one area warmer than others, then it would be better to turn the system off and use portable heaters, as mentioned above. However, bear in mind this will use more energy and cost.

Find the Best HVAC Companies

Now that you know the truth about HVAC companies, you can start looking for a great one. Look for reviews in your local area and ask friends. Their purpose is always to help you save money with regular maintenance and efficient systems.

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