Decorative Design Ideas for a Lady’s Bedroom

Decorative Design Ideas for a Lady’s Bedroom

There is nothing quite as satisfying as settling in for the evening in a bedroom designed to your tastes and with all the decorative touches that are truly your own. Whether it’s done in your favorite colors or furnished in period pieces, it is your room, and if you’ve chosen wisely, it will make a statement of who you are. Are you looking for design ideas? Why not start with the basic necessities in a lady’s bedroom.

You’ve Made Your Bed…

We have all heard the old admonishment, “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” Never will this be truer than if you choose a bed for style alone. Always make sure the mattress and pillows are crafted with the firmness and support you are most comfortable with, and it really won’t matter what type of frame you choose. The frame is where you’ll begin to set the stage for the rest of the furnishings and décor. Always make sure you find a frame that will accommodate the mattress you want and everything else will follow.

Layered Bedding

If there is one thing that adds warmth and comfort to your bedroom, it would be the bedding you choose. The layered look is quite feminine and if you complete your bedding with a dust ruffle around the frame, what could be lovelier? A lady’s bedroom is typically done in pastels but if you choose darker colors, perhaps you can run with dark dusty rose with lighter shades of rose as accents.

Dressing Table Décor

Every room needs a focal point and in a lady’s bedroom, that would be the dressing table. This is where you will find those fragrances and other beauty items she prefers. Many dressing tables just aren’t complete without a mirrored perfume tray and matching atomizer to hold her favorite fragrance. If you prefer imported perfumes, check out this luxury fragrance collection from Diptyque. All fragrances are made in France and imported for sale in the U.S. Not only are their high-end fragrances to be worn, but you will also find Diptyque Candles on the same site that will add a lovely fragrance throughout your bedroom.

Ambient Lighting

If there is one thing that can ruin the mood of a lady’s bedroom it would be harsh, white lights. Those are perfectly fine for applying makeup at your dressing table but for all other lights in the room, choose soft lighting. If possible, find light fixtures and lamps that are dimmable and add dimmer switches to control overhead lights. There are times when you want it a bit brighter for reading that latest novel by your favorite author and other times you want just a hint of light to help you drift off peacefully.

The only word of caution here would be to ensure that your bedroom is done in pieces and décor from within a specific era. In other words, mixing Contemporary American with French Provincial would probably not work well. From the perfume tray with an atomizer to the wallpaper or paint on the walls, everything should be complementary for the best results in home décor. There’s a time to mix and match but choosing design eras is definitely not that time.

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