Get Creative with These DIY Garden Planters

How many times have you seen an ad for an adorable and unique planter only to visit the website, look at the price tag, and balk? You don’t need to break the bank to decorate your home or office with the trendiest planters out there! Plants are endlessly resilient and can survive in thrive in all sorts of DIY garden planters! 

You can recreate almost all of the trendy, over-priced garden planters you see in stores at home with a few inexpensive materials. You can even take up container gardening and grow yourself a salad right on your windowsill – no raised garden bed necessary!

Once you get crafting you won’t be able to stop filling your home with nature’s most beautiful decorations! 

Do you know how to get started with DIY flower pots and planter boxes? We’ve created this do-it-yourself crafting guide to help! Keep reading to learn how you can design unique plant pots without breaking the bank… or breaking a sweat! 

You CAN Create a Garden Planter

Our first DIY planter uses recycled materials to help you go green on two separate levels! It’s an upcycled planter made out of a can! You can begin with a metal tea tin, a regular tin can, or even an empty old bay tin. 

To start, you’ll want to completely wash out your can and remove any labels or adhesive. Water and dish soap will work well. 

Once it’s dry, you’ll want to create a way for your soil to drain. The easiest way is to drill two or three holes into the bottom of the can. If you don’t have a drill, you can easily accomplish this with an awl and a hammer. 

Next, coat the can in an even layer of your favorite color spray paint. The metal cans take paint very nicely. It will go on smooth and dry evenly. 

If you have a Cricut or other cutting machine, you can create a DIY vinyl detail to stick on your can once it’s dry! From there, you’re ready to insert your plant. Don’t forget to buy garden stakes so you won’t forget what’s in there!

Upcycle a Plant Pot With Napkins

Our next DIY planter begins with a simple, plain terra cotta pot. It uses decorative paper napkins to add a stunning decorative touch. 

First, use chalk paint to paint your pot the color of your choice. We suggest a pale or pastel color for this project. It will make it easier to see the final design. 

While your planter dries, carefully cut the images you like out of the napkins. They can be delicate, so be careful not to rip them! 

Add a thin layer of mod podge to your painted pot and carefully place the napkin design on top. Make sure it sits smoothly against the pot so there won’t be any wrinkles. Continue adding napkin art to the pot until you love the way it looks. 

When you’re satisfied, let the mod podge dry. To finish the project, coat the entire outside of the pot with a very thin layer of mod podge. You will want to let it dry for at least twenty-four hours before planting. 

Give Your Pots a Marble Makeover

Our next DIY flower pot makeover yields a trendy marbled look! All you’ll need to get started is a small terra cotta pot. 

Grab a plastic container that’s large enough to fit your pot.  Fill it with one part water and four parts white acrylic paint. Be careful with the paint because it can stain fabric and clothing. 

Drizzle in a few drops of a second color of acrylic paint. Use a coffee mixer or toothpick to swirl the second color into the white paint. The surface of the white paint should appear marbled. 

Next, grab your pot, dip it into your paint, and roll it until you have covered the entire surface. Immediately set it down upside-down on a prepared sheet of parchment paper. Leave it upside down for about ten minutes.

After the ten minutes is up, flip it right-side-up! It won’t be dry yet, and it might even continue dripping. This helps achieve a more defined marbled effect! Let it dry overnight in that position. 

The next day, you may wish to seal it with a finishing spray. We like the look of a matte finish, but glossy looks great, too! From there, you’re ready to add a plant! 

A New Take On “Green” Tea

If you walk into any thrift store, you’ll be able to find an adorable mug for a dollar or less. You might even have an old, beloved mug at the back of your cabinet! Why not turn that classy container into a home for a succulent?

The easiest way to transform your mug is by using a drill with a specialized bit for ceramics. The ability to drain the soil will help those plants to thrive. Drill between one and three holes in the very bottom of the mug. 

If you can’t drill holes, add some pebbles or rocks to the bottom instead. Your plant might not be able to live there forever, but it will be a great temporary home as you await spring! 

From there you can plant your succulent as normal. Stick the mug in a sunny window and enjoy your quirky planter!

Better yet, use it to plant some spices and snip them off as you cook. Mugs never look out of place in a kitchen, after all! 

Create Your Own Stunning Garden Planters

You don’t need to be an artist to create gorgeous, functional garden planters for your home! All of these projects are simple and inexpensive ways to give your houseplants a major aesthetic upgrade. Once you get started you won’t be able to stop creating fun and funky containers for your collection of green children! 

Looking for more ways to upgrade your garden game? Check out the rest of the blog for more perfect posts for ladies with green thumbs! 

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