Scarring is inevitable after a breast augmentation, but there are ways to reduce breast implant scars after the procedure. Learn how here.

How to Reduce Breast Implant Scars

In 2020 alone, over 193,000 people had a breast augmentation procedure, making it one of the top 5 cosmetic surgeries that year. If you’re thinking of getting the procedure for yourself, it can help you feel more comfortable in your body and more confident. 

However, many people worry about breast implant scars. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help reduce them. Keep reading to learn the best tips on how to minimize breast augmentation scars. 

Follow Your Post-Op Care Plan

One of the most important things you can do to help reduce scars after breast augmentation is to listen to your surgeon. After the procedure, your doctor will give you specific post-op care instructions. Following these will not only help reduce the risk of developing an infection, but it will also help minimize the appearance of scars. 

For a better idea of what to expect during and after your procedure, find out more by clicking the link.

Apply Topical Ointments

After your incisions have fully healed, you can apply certain ointments that are designed to reduce breast scarring. For example, you might apply vitamin E oil, scar cream, or silicone sheeting to the affected area, following the directions listed on the products. 

The sooner you begin applying these treatments after you’ve fully healed, the more likely they are to be effective at reducing your scars. 

Wear a Supportive Bra

In the six months following your surgery, this is when scar tissue will begin to form. This makes it an important time in the healing process. Wearing a supportive bra during this time can help prevent your breasts from putting strain on your scars. 

However, don’t wear an underwire bra, which can cause irritation on your scars. Instead, choose a post-operative bra, which offers gentle support with none of the irritation. 

Gently Massage the Area

Once your incisions have healed and any scabs have disappeared on their own, you can gently massage your scars. This increases blood flow, which helps to move along the healing process. 

Since scars are made from collagen, massaging the area helps to better distribute the collagen, promoting faster healing. Use a cream or oil to help comfortably massage the area and remember to be gentle as you do it. 

Adopt Healthy Habits

Did you know that your overall lifestyle can aid in scar treatment? For example, if you smoke, this affects your blood flow. This makes it harder for your wounds to heal properly. By quitting smoking, your incisions will be able to heal the right way, resulting in less severe scarring, in most cases. 

Similarly, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet of nutritious foods can help you heal. Make sure you’re getting vitamins and protein after your operation so your body can create new tissue to help you heal and reduce scarring. 

How to Reduce Breast Implant Scars

After reading our tips on how to reduce breast implant scars, we hope you feel more prepared should you decide to schedule your operation. If you take these steps post-op, you should feel much more comfortable in your own skin following the procedure. 

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