Do you have a small animal tearing up your yard that you need to get rid of? Before doing so, you better know what animal it is.

If you’re dealing with a bunch of holes in the yard, you’re likely dealing with a gopher or a groundhog. And while these creatures are thought to be cute, they can be a significant nuisance. It’s reasonable that you want them out.

But you can’t dispose of them without some knowledge, particularly when one is an endangered species. Here is your gopher vs. groundhog guide help you deal with this situation.

What is a Gopher?

Gophers are small to medium-sized rodents. They are called pocket gophers due to their fur-lined cheek pouches resembling pockets. 

Gophers have large yellow teeth, which can be seen even when their mouths are closed. These teeth keep dirt out of their mouths while they are digging.

Gophers make their homes in burrows, which can often be seen due to the mounds they create. They are especially active in areas with sandy soil.

Gophers are herbivores, and they are typically interested in a plant’s roots and tubers. This is what attracts them to people’s yards.

A typical gopher lifespan is about three years.

Now that you have your gopher guide, it’s time to learn about groundhogs.

What is a Groundhog?

Groundhogs are much larger than gophers, with a weight of up to 13 pounds and a length of up to 20 inches. They have a short bushy tail, thick fur, and white teeth that are only visible with an open mouth.

Like gophers, groundhogs are borrowers that dig large and deep holes. They also eat plants and vegetation, feeding most actively in summer and early fall before hibernating in the winter.

As with gophers, an average groundhog lifespan is about three years.

Why Are These Rodents Pests?

Gophers and groundhogs are after any food they can get, making your yard with its trees, plants, and vegetable garden an appealing spot. Unfortunately, they can cause major damage to your yard and home.

The wrecked garden and the mounds in your yard take away the visual appeal. More importantly, those holes are a safety hazard. And to make matters worse, the burrowing these creatures do can damage the structure of your home.

Your irrigation system and more can also be damaged as these creatures burrow.

While it’s understandable that you want these creatures out, you must know how to do so. Some species of pocket gopher are endangered. Also, some means of removal require permits.

To be on the safe side, you should seek out professional pest control services. Click to find out more.

Gopher vs. Groundhog

This gopher vs. groundhog guide should clear up confusion and help you know which pest is destroying your yard. Figure out what you’re dealing with, and get those rodents out. But do so in a humane and legal matter.

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