How a Professional Solar Cleaning Service Can Save You Money

How a Professional Solar Cleaning Service Can Save You Money

Many homeowners are tempted to clean their solar panels themselves. However, the task can be dangerous since most PV systems are on rooftops. It’s best to rely on properly equipped professionals for rooftop safety. Cleaning is typically a straightforward process that involves spraying the surface with average-pressure hoses from safe areas. Generally, homeowners must clean their panels twice yearly to ensure peak performance.


Professional solar cleaning service in California are usually less expensive than doing the job yourself. Working on the roof of your house or business is dangerous, and if you do not have experience, you may cause costly damage to your solar panels or roofing. Cleaning a large solar panel array can also be time-consuming, particularly using a pressure washer to clean the system. Dirty solar panels can reduce their energy production by up to 20%. A professional solar cleaner will thoroughly wash your system to ensure it is clear of dirt and debris. This will allow it to function as well as possible. Solar panel cleaning rates vary depending on several factors, including climate, the amount of grime that accumulates, access methods and frequency of service. For example, homeowners living in areas with high smog will need to clean their solar panels more often because it is difficult for rain to wash away the pollutants. Organic debris like tree sap, bird droppings and pitch (tree resin) can also form hard deposits that require a specific cleaner to loosen. Moreover, many customers hire a professional solar cleaning company because they need more time or equipment to maintain their system. Additionally, many people have clicked on the amount of money they can save on their power bills by maximizing the output of their solar panels, and they want to get the most return on their investment.


A professional solar panel cleaner is better equipped to maintain rooftop solar panels than an average homeowner safely. They are trained to spray high-quality water from a ladder without causing damage or harming the roof tiles underneath them. If you have concerns or restrictions regarding being on a rooftop, enlist the services of a nearby expert to maintain your solar panels. Solar power panels are a costly long-term investment that you should be keen to protect. Cleaning them removes dirt and debris that can impede sunlight exposure. This can cause the system to perform less effectively, which leads to higher electricity bills for you and your family.

In most cases, your solar panels only need to be cleaned once or twice yearly to keep them clean. Using non-abrasive cleaning materials such as soft sponges and cloths helps to prevent scratching or damaging the surface of the panels. If your panels have oily stains from living near a freeway or airport, isopropyl alcohol and a rag can usually remove them. When choosing a professional solar panel cleaner, it’s important to consider their service areas, scheduling, licensing and insurance, additional services offered, and customer support. Companies with polite, clear customer support and knowledgeable staff will likely provide a quality experience for you and your family.

Saves You Time

As the solar energy industry has grown, so has the demand for reliable and professional cleaning services. Professional cleaners are well-equipped to work safely on rooftop systems and can perform the Cleaning quickly and thoroughly. This saves homeowners time, money and the risk of injury. Hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of your solar panels is highly recommended for optimal performance and to avoid power loss. Many manufacturers require regular professional Cleaning to ensure compliance with warranty terms. Doing so can save money and see a quicker return on your investment. Fortunately, most cleaning companies offer flat rate fees, and some even include annual inspection fees in the price. Ask a customer support representative for an accurate cost estimate and inquire about additional charges. Remember that many cleaning companies also provide other useful services such as wildlife remediation, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and chimney sweeping.

Enhanced Appearance

Maintaining your solar panel system is crucial not only for improving the appearance of your home but also for increasing its value in case you decide to sell it. However, cleaning the panels can be tedious, requiring much time and effort. Opting for professional cleaning services can help you relax and ensure the job is done efficiently, freeing up your time to focus on other important things. Additionally, professional cleaning services will use only de-ionized water when cleaning your panels. This is far better for the panel surface than using soap, which can leave behind a layer of residue that reduces the effectiveness of the panels. The best solar cleaning companies will provide quality cleaning services at a reasonable price. They will also offer great customer support and may include extra services such as bird-dropping removal and gutter cleaning. They can do this because they have invested in the proper tools and training to work safely on roofs. A professional cleaning service will save you money in the long run by preventing expensive damage to your solar panels. You’ll also find that your home’s energy production will increase when the panels are cleaned regularly. 

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