When selecting a cannabis sativa seed, there are several characteristics to look out for to ensure you're getting the perfect seed.

What to Look for When Selecting a Quality Cannabis Sativa Seed

Since the legalization of marijuana in Australia for medical use, the cannabis market in the country has seen significant growth. 

It’s also a seller’s market, and some companies are preying on the naivete of beginner connoisseurs. To avoid disappointment, it helps to learn what to look for in Cannabis sativa seed.

What do you need to look for? Read the easy pointers below to select a good cannabis sativa seed.

Free From Rot or Mold

Look for any discoloration and inspect the seed for any abnormalities such as blemishes, signs of rot, or discoloration. Avoid any seed that has been exposed to moisture for an extended period, as this can indicate rot or mold. 

Medium to Large Size

When selecting trustworthy cannabis sativa seed, medium to large size is an important trait to consider. Quality seeds should have a strong outer shell, when looking at them closely, they should appear larger than the average seed size.

Vibrant Color

When selecting a Cannabis Sativa seed, look for a vibrant color. Well-bred seeds should be a dark green or brown coloration.

Seeds with a pale and yellowish color suggest a lack of nutrition during the maturation process. They could result in a weak or unhealthy harvest.

Varieties expressing black and deep purple hues also suggest good genetics and strength. But such dark colors also indicate over-ripening, which can lead to poor germination.

To ensure healthy and viable genetics, the seeds should have good coloration and consistency. You can also look for cannabis strains with smooth skin and the occasional white dot. This indicates the presence of a vibrant female plant potential.

Hard to Touch

Cannabis sativa seeds should be hard to touch and not easily deformable between your fingertips. “Hard to touch” means the seed is resistant to heat, moisture, and compressed air.

Furthermore, the seed should have a pattern or ridges on its exterior. This is also an indicator of hardiness and good genetics that will ensure great cannabis plants.

Dense and Heavy

When selecting a quality cannabis sativa seed, one of the most important characteristics to look for is dense heavy seeds. This refers to the seed’s weight, size, and texture. Dense heavy seeds tend to give growers a sign that they are of higher quality. 

Good Water Retention

Seeds with good water retention can absorb and retain more water, which enables them to have better germination rates. This results in healthier, faster-growing cannabis plants

So look for different types of cannabis seeds that are dense and firm, with a glossy, shiny surface. If the seed is dry and crumbly or has any cracks on the surface, it likely has lower water retention.

Follow Our Guide to Get the Best Cannabis Sativa Seed

Selecting a quality cannabis sativa seed requires research and careful thought. Look for reputable seed suppliers, store your seeds properly, and be aware of certain characteristics to ensure your experience gardening with cannabis sativa will be successful. For further assistance in selection, consider seeking advice from experienced growers.

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