How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost to Build? The Prices Explained

If you’ve moved to a new house or you’re renovating your old one, adding an outdoor kitchen can make your backyard a more comfortable place to relax and entertain.

Before you commit to any projects, though, you need a ballpark figure to know whether it’s in the budget. There are a lot of factors that go into determining costs.

We’ve put together the ideas below to help you estimate the outdoor kitchen cost at your home. Take a look!

Get Started

When you’re figuring out how to build an outdoor kitchen, you have to decide on some details. These choices will help you create a budget. Outdoor kitchens can range from $5000 to $25,000 in total costs, which is a big range.

Adding utilities to make a kitchen self-sufficient is a great way to give your outdoor kitchen the luxury you deserve. Yet you should also be sure to increase your budget to accommodate the extras that go along with it.

Decide if you’ll build a satellite kitchen with its own utilities. If so, then there’s a much bigger cost because you have to run water lines, electric lines, and sewer lines. Opting for a perimeter kitchen instead means you’re close to the house, and you can use the existing utilities.

Outdoor Kitchen Cost: Appliances

A large part of the cost of an outdoor kitchen is the appliances. It’s not just the cost of a grill. You also have the cost to install a grill, plus other things like a sink or a refrigerator.

Visit an appliance store where the associates can help you pick out the right appliances for your kitchen. They can also recommend contractors or masons to help you start drawing up professional plans and get the project underway.


The typical cost to build an outdoor kitchen includes the cost of masonry. If you’re using pavers, they add to the atmosphere and elegance because there are all kinds of patterns you can use.

Masonry costs on average about $400-$600 per linear foot. That means a landscape designer will work with you to create the exact patio and kitchen space you want. They’ll also purchase materials and install the patio.

Other Costs

You’ll have other miscellaneous costs that contribute to the overall expenses of your outdoor kitchen. Pulling permits for the projects has associated fees, and these vary based on your state and county.

Any new furniture you buy for the space can add up, along with other building elements like countertops.

Are you planning to host regular gatherings? You may want to invest in entertainment options like an outdoor TV to watch football or a fire pit for bonfire nights.

In summer, you’ll need shade. These costs vary, too, depending on whether you choose something portable like an umbrella or permanent fixtures like a pergola.

Outdoor Life

When you love being outside, it’s worth the investment to put in an entertainment space in the backyard.

While you may be surprised at the outdoor kitchen cost, the new facilities will help you entertain and give you better ways to enjoy spending time with your family outside.

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