How Much Does It Normally Cost to Hire a Painter for Your House?

Little can bring you down more than stale, pale walls in your home. That’s when it’s time to freshen things up and give the walls a new paint job.

But painting takes copious amounts of time and effort. Why not hire a home painter?

When you hire a painter, you save time and effort. But what does a residential painter cost? 

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the cost of painting services. 

Cost of Paint

When figuring out the cost of a painter, begin with the cost of the paint. So first you need to figure out exactly how much paint you will need.

Measure your room and learn how many square feet your paint will cover. Typically, a gallon of paint will take care of up to 350 square feet. 

With that thought in mind, plan on spending at least $30 for each gallon of primer and at least $40 for each gallon of quality paint. The cost of paint will vary from location to location as well.

Furthermore, the higher your quality, the more you will spend on a gallon of paint. Some paint can cost up to $70 a gallon if you’re looking for a high quality finish and brand. 

The quality of the surface you will paint will also determine the amount of paint you will use. For example, you will need more paint for a dark, textured surface than a lighter, smooth surface. 

Cost of Painter Labor

Your overall cost will cost you more than your interior house paint cost. You will also need to look at the cost of hiring a painter. 

A good painting service will do more than just slap paint on your walls. They complete the extensive prep work essential for a good painting job. The painters will take several hours to tape your walls, protect your floor, and cover your furniture. 

Without the right prep work, the wall may look great, but the rest of your home will suffer. Thus, preparation matters just as much as the technique that the house painter offers. 

Expect an interior painting company to charge between $50 and $80 an hour depending on the company size, location of the company, and experience. The condition of your walls will also play a part in the amount you will have to pay for the painting service. 

Seek Bids

Before you go with the first painting company you find, seek bids. Look online for a “painter near me” to find different services. Then seek out at least three different bids. As you’re looking for bids, look at all that the company offers including their timeline, customer service, and insurance. 

Save Money, Do Prep Work

As you seek out the painting bids, as the painter how much they can shave off the cost if you do the prep work. The more work you do before the painter arrives, the less the painter will cost.

For example, you can move the furniture and prepare walls by cleaning them, patching holes, and sanding out the rough spots. 

Take a Break, Hire a Painter

If you want a fresh new look for your home, hire a painter. Measure out the amount of wall that needs paint and then begin to look at paint samples. Budget for both the paint quantity and paint service appropriately. 

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