How Much Does Landscaping Cost? A Guide for Homeowners

There are several advantages of hiring professional landscapers for your home, but how much does landscaping cost? These are the average prices.

Landscaping is a rapidly growing industry worth over $100 billion and employs more than a million people.

Landscaping your garden and outside spaces can improve the curb appeal of your property as well as its overall value. It also gives you a beautiful and relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors.

If you are wondering ‘how much does landscaping cost?’ then look no further. Keep reading to find out the answer and how to improve your outside space.

What Do Landscaping Services Include?

Landscaping services can be an extensive term that covers a number of options. It covers everything from lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and watering services all the way up to building a new garden feature or redesigning the entire yard. Maintenance is just as essential as design when it comes to keeping a garden looking its best, so landscaping costs may also involve a retainer fee.

Offered services cold include redesigning pathways, building a deck or barbecue pit, planting new trees and shrubbery, establishing new flower beds for the right seasons, and installing outdoor lighting. As such, putting a number on exactly how much is landscaping generally may have some considerable flex from project to project.

How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

A typical landscaping project costs between $1500 to $6000, with a national average falling around $3500. Your local landscaping company may quote you prices that come outside of this range as there are many factors to consider. The first is the size of your property.

Size is always the primary factor when it comes to quoting landscaping prices. The bigger your garden by square footage, the greater your costs will be regardless of offered services. It would be best if you prepared to spend 10% of your home’s overall value on a landscaping project to get the correct cost/value ratio.

What Factors Affect Price?

As well as the size of your property you need to think about several other factors. These include the quality of the materials required for the work. If you are adding extra amenities such as swimming pools, lighting, pathways, or walls, then the material cost will be a significant factor.

There will also be a range in quality options that your landscaping contractor should offer you. Don’t always be fooled into going for the cheapest option. Remember that you are buying materials that will need to withstand the weather throughout the year. The most inexpensive materials may not offer you the best deal in the long run.

Shipping costs will also be a factor that some less reputable landscaping businesses may not be open about at the start of a project. Make sure you factor these into your budget and ask for a full breakdown of prices when getting quotes and planning your budget.

Is Landscaping Worth The Money?

Yes! A good landscaping project can add real value to your home, but you need to understand all the costs involved. Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration for the next time you wonder ‘how much does landscaping cost’ and will help you start your next big garden project plan.

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