Keeping your lawn and garden in fantastic condition requires time and effort. Here's an easy lawn and garden maintenance checklist that can help.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance: An Easy Checklist for Homeowners

The landscaping world is an intense but rewarding space to be in.

But when you’re out there, conducting your next landscaping project, is it possible that you’re forgetting the basics?

With a nice and easy checklist on landscaping maintenance, you can rest assured that you haven’t forgotten the simple tenets of landscaping.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover a brief checklist on lawn and garden maintenance for those just starting out on their landscaping journey.


Plants need food just as humans do, albeit with a different diet and routine. Newly potted soil is at its most nutrient-dense and it will become depleted of these nutrients over time. Plants must be continually given plant food to supplement lost nutrients during garden maintenance.


The weeding process necessitates the removal of unwanted plants. If homeowners do not weed their home, perhaps through lawn mowing and garden maintenance, ugly and invasive weeds can sully the look of your landscape.


Lawn mowing is one of the most common and crucial landscaping responsibilities. Not only does it keep your lawn looking fresh and vibrant, but it also keeps your lawn healthy. Each blade of grass is likelier to receive an even amount of nutrients.


Pruning is an integral part of tree maintenance. It ensures that dead and decaying branches are removed, which makes more room for healthier and younger growth.

These branches also have less chance of falling onto unsuspecting passersby and/or pets, which can lead to serious injury or even death. For jobs like these, it’s best to leave the task up to lawn and garden maintenance services such as


One of the most exciting parts of the landscaping process is planting a new crop. Keep in mind that certain seasons and climates are better for certain kinds of vegetation. Other than that, have fun watching your aesthetic vision bloom and flourish before your very eyes.


Irrigation can become a bit complicated, especially when planting so many different types of plants together. However, it’s also a crucial part of garden and lawn maintenance, ensuring that all flowers remain fresh and well-nourished.


Those ready to take their gardening to the next step will get excited about composting. It’s a fantastic way to make use of organic kitchen scraps and will ensure that your plants’ soil is chockful of nutrients.


Another method that maximizes nutrient absorption, fertilization supplements soil with additional nutrients. Animal fecal matter is most used to fertilize lawns and will ensure that home landscapers can use the same soil while adequately nourishing their plants.

Pest Control

There’s only so much you can control outside of the comfort of your home’s four walls. But doing the best you can when it comes to staving off invasive pests is necessary for your landscape to thrive. Do everything you can to ensure that no pests introduce disease or destruction into your backyard.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance — A General Checklist! 

This guide offers a quick checklist for burgeoning landscapers and homeowners. If it helped you understand your landscaping journey a bit better, then check out the rest of our content! We’ve got plenty of other information on lawn and garden maintenance for those with green thumbs such as you.

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