When cleaning your brushing boots, remember to remove dirt from the inside and the outside. Learn about the best ways to do so here.

How Should I Clean My Brushing Boots?

Did you know that 1.6 million households in the U.S. own horses? If you own a horse, you are one of the millions of owners out there.

Owning a horse doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know. There is a lot to learn about these majestic creatures.

Do you know how to clean brushing boots? Keep reading to learn how.

Brush Off Excess Hair and Dirt

The first step to cleaning brushing boots is to brush off excess hair and dirt. You can do this by holding the boot in your non-dominant hand and using a dry scrub brush or bristled horse grooming brush in the other hand.

Using the equipment, brush the surface of the inside and outside of the boot to lift the hair and dirt. This step will make washing the boot much easier.

If your horse has embedded hair in the fleece, sheepskin lining, or fabric of the boot, try using packing tape to remove the hairs. A lint roller might work as well, but tape tends to be the best method for pulling hair from the boot.

Inspect Brushing Boots

Once debris and hair have been removed from the surface, inspect the brushing boots before continuing the cleaning process.

Straps or buckles with signs of damage like fraying should be thrown away. A horse boot that breaks loose or partially comes off during a ride can be extremely dangerous.

Brush Liner

If your horse brushing boots are made from sheepskin or fleece, comb and fluff the matted areas. With the right boot brushes and technique, you’ll restore matted sheepskin to fluffiness in minutes.

You can find equipment from countryandstable.com.

Using a slicker brush, you can clean your sheepskin liners. These are brushes with tiny bent lines that can help separate matted fleece fibers and pull out embedded debris.

Comb the liner until the fleece looks fresh again. Brush in multiple directions to come out with no matted areas.

Wash Horse Boots

If your horse boots are leather, you can skip this step.

After removing excess dirt and cleaning the fasteners, you can wash your boots. You can wash dirty horse boots in a washing machine. For best results, use a laundry bag designed for washing delicate laundry.

Placing them in a bag or even a tied-up pillowcase will protect the boots from wear and tear while in the washing machine.

Wash gently with a mild detergent and use an extra rinse cycle to remove the remaining detergent. Dry the boots without a machine in a sunny or breezy location for about 24 hours or until completely dry.

Clean Your Brushing Boots Now!

Like other equipment when you own a horse, you need to clean your brushing boots. Brushing boots can protect your horse’s lower legs from injuries but they need to be clean for best results.

Use the right brushes to remove excess hair and dirt. Inspect the boots for possible damages and then brush the lining of the boots.

Wash them in your washing machine and dry them naturally for 24 hours. Follow these tips to clean brushing boots and don’t forget to come back for more articles like this.

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