how to care for vinyl flooring

How to Care for Vinyl Flooring to Extend the Life of Your Floors

Do you have vinyl floors? Then you’ll know that caring for them is an important key to maintenance and cleanliness. In this article, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to care for vinyl flooring.

Most of us are busy with taking care of our families and working. We may not always find large chunks of time to tackle cleaning.

Luckily, the best vinyl flooring has high durability and after resistance. This makes cleaning them pretty straightforward.

That doesn’t mean that they will clean themselves. Read further to learn more!

Basic Cleaning

Your new floor is not only gorgeous but it’s also durable. This means that most of the floor cleaning will be relatively basic.

When you first get your floor installed, there are a few things you can do to extend the extend: 

  • Minimize the foot traffic
  • Sweep the floor to remove dirt
  • Do not vacuum
  • Wait 24 hours to place furniture

After the first few days, you can begin to set up a basic cleaning. It really only takes a few simple and a few maintenance steps:

Firstly, use a soft bristle broom every few days to remove the loose dirt over the floors.

Secondly, use a damp mop with clean water and a cleanser that is nonabrasive. This will thoroughly wash the floors without damaging them.

Thirdly, let it dry and avoid foot traffic for the first couple of hours. 

That’s it for your regular cleaning schedule! Go through these steps regularly to extend the life of your floor.

Preventing Damage

Basic cleaning is only a part of your floor maintenance. You also need to actively prevent damage from occurring to the floors. Damage is not easily cleaned and is best avoided for long-term durability.

Here are some tips you can follow to protect your brand-new vinyl floor:

  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Do not drag furniture across the floor
  • Heavy furniture should have non-staining floor protectors 
  • Do not use vacuums with a beater bar
  • and more

Sometimes, you may find that your floor has stubborn spots on it that can’t be removed by mopping. There are a couple of methods that can help clean them, including the eraser method and the rubbing alcohol method.

Read on here to learn how these methods work.

Extra Protection

If you are committed to keeping your new floor in great shape, we have some final pieces of advice for extra protection. 

Firstly, you can add an outdoor matt in front of the house. This means your family and guests can wipe their feet and reduce the amount of dirt that comes inside. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even add an extra luxury indoor matt!

Secondly, you can place rugs in areas that have high foot traffic to avoid wear and tear on the floor over time. This could include a runner in the hallway or even on staircases. These will also help keep the dirt away from the floor.

How to Care for Vinyl Flooring

You may have bought new flooring or moved into a new home with vinyl flooring. In either case, knowing how to care for vinyl flooring will help keep your house feeling new and welcoming. By using our tips and tricks, you’ll find it easy to maintain.

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