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Which Types of Solar Energy Might Be Right for You?

Did you know that they predict that by the year 2024, 2.5% of all homes in the United States will have a solar installation? With more people making the switch to solar power you might be considering it yourself. We have put together this guide with the different types of solar energy to help you decide if solar is the right fit for you or not.  

1. Solar Thermal Technology

With this solar option, the heat from the sun is used to make either steam or hot water. The sun’s heat is collected by solar thermal power plants and then uses it to make electricity. 

There are mirrors or reflectors that concentrate the rays from the sun to heat a special liquid. Then the heat from the liquid boils water in order to create steam. Next, the steam spins a turbine that is connected to a generator that then creates electricity. 

Lastly, the steam cools and goes back to water that is recycled, reheated, and turned back into steam to use again. 

2. Photovoltaic Cells

With this type of solar energy, the sunlight is converted into electricity. There is a photovoltaic cell that absorbs the light and then converts it into electricity. Solar panels are a group of photovoltaic cells grouped together. 

Solar panels are most commonly used on top of houses, in parking lots to power lights, and on electronic road signs. People that have solar panels installed on their roofs have lower electricity bills because they have to buy less electricity from their local utility company because they are producing some of their electricity on their own. 

The way that this solar power works is that the sunlight hits the surface of the photovoltaic cell and then a semi-conductor converts the light into electricity. You can search for “solar providers near me” to find a reputable company close by. 

3. Passive Solar Heating

This can be as easy as allowing the sun rays to shine through and heat the inside. You have probably noticed that when sunlight comes in through a window it instantly makes a house or even a vehicle feel warmer. 

Buildings and houses can be remodeled to take advantage of heat from the sun during the winter. Large windows facing South that are not covered by trees will give the best passive solar heating location. During the summertime, there should be movable awnings, blinds, or overhangs that block those same sun rays when you would rather keep your home cool. 

Now You are Familiar With the Different Types of Solar Energy

We hope that now you are feeling confident about making a decision of moving forward with going solar. Understanding the different types of solar energy can help you make an informed decision. If you are ready to help lower your electric bills and help the planet in the process then it is time to find a local solar panel installer in your area to help you with the next step. 

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