How To Properly Maintain Your Fireplace

How To Properly Maintain Your Fireplace

A fireplace has two functions in your home. It is responsible for keeping you warm in the winter, and it also acts as the centerpiece of the room. These large features need to be kept clean for several reasons. Firstly, this object is usually the first thing that people will look at when they enter your living room. Secondly, your fireplace will function much more efficiently if it is properly maintained.

This article will explore a few ways you can maintain your fireplace, so it is ready for winter. These tips will help it last longer too.

Check Your Chimney

You may not notice it at first, but your fireplace is a lot bigger than you may think. Any wood-burning fireplace needs to expel its fumes somewhere, and that is where your chimney comes in. You should think of the chimney as an extension of your fireplace, and therefore, this feature needs to be inspected regularly.

Whenever you get the chance, make sure that you have a good look at your chimney to make sure that it doesn’t have any cracks or dents. This damage could cause you problems down the line, so it is best to fix these issues as soon as they appear. It will be cheaper to do it this way, too.

Use A Glass Door

A glass door in front of your fireplace is an installation that is almost a necessity when it comes to owning one of these heating mechanisms. This door can block off any young children from harming themselves on the fire, and it also helps keep the rest of your home clean.

Wood-burning fireplaces are notorious for spitting out ash and other debris onto the hearth. Over time, your hearth can become stained if you do not clean it straight away. Save yourself time by installing a glass door that can prevent anything from leaving the fireplace.

Find The Correct Wood

While it is true that you can burn any type of wood to create a fire in your home, there is something to be said about using the right kind of wood in your fireplace. When you look at firewood for sale somewhere like Indian Head Firewood, you may notice a difference between its logs and the stuff you would normally buy. However, they only sell the right type of firewood which has been dried out before it can be used.

Dried firewood burns for much longer than the generic kind, and you will find that it also releases more heat. When shopping for firewood, try to find the hardwood that has been dried out for at least six months to get the most out of your fuel.

One A Month

The key question that many of you will have when talking about a fireplace is, how often should I clean it? The general rule of thumb suggests that you should give your fireplace a deep clean once a month. Use dish soap to clear the initial grime, and then switch to baking soda to remove some of the tougher stains.

There you have it. Just a few easy tricks to keep your fireplace ticking over for longer.

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