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Looking For Great Jewelry Gifts? Try These On For Size!

Did you know that in 2019, the jewelry industry was worth over 200 billion dollars? The market for jewelry grows by billions of dollars every year, and it’s become an increasingly popular gift idea for all types of occasions.

Would you like some gift ideas for the next time you want to buy your loved one a piece of jewelry? Here are some great places to start in order to find the jewelry gifts that they will love.


What is better than wearing a beautiful necklace that you can see whenever you look in the mirror? Necklaces can be used to make a subtle statement or simply to glam up your everyday look.

They are also highly customizable. For instance, you can often purchase necklaces with initials, or even a handwriting necklace from a company like Zudo. You can even get a necklace featuring your loved one’s favorite gemstone or birthstone.

If the necklace centerpiece is on the heavier side, then you may need a chain that is more durable. Conversely, lighter necklaces can have a more delicate chain. Be sure to ask your jeweler which type of chain will work best.


A watch can be a great gift that can make the wearer look and feel classy. When you buy someone a watch, they will be reminded of you whenever they check the time.

Because watches are worn regularly, there is much less of a chance of the watch getting lost or stolen. Watches can also be fixed easily, so they are a good investment.

Many styles of watches are available to purchase, ranging from practical to abstract. Before buying a timepiece, consider if your loved one will want a more utilitarian watch or something that prioritizes style over substance.


If your loved one has their ears pierced, then earrings from somewhere like Matthews Jewellers can be a unique gift that they will love. Earrings are a wonderful accessory that can be paired with outfits or for different types of events. Some of the most common types of earrings include birthstone gems, which can be a thoughtful gift.

If your loved one does not have their ears pierced, you can still buy clip-on earrings as a great alternative. If you give them statement earrings that tend to be heavier, clip-on earrings may be a better option to prevent stretching of the ear lobe.

Before you buy the earrings, be sure to find out if the recipient has any metal allergies. The most common ones include nickel and cobalt. You can easily avoid this problem by purchasing jewelry that is gold, silver, platinum, or stainless steel.

Picking Out Jewelry Gifts Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Based on what type of jewelry your friend or loved one enjoys, you can find a variety of jewelry gifts that they will cherish. No matter which item you pick out, they are guaranteed to love it.

Would you like to know more about how to find the perfect gifts for anyone in your life? Take a look at our blog to get tips and tricks.

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