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Fun Fact: Which Dog Breeds Make the Best Drug Sniffing Dogs?

Dogs stand out as stalwart companions, earning the nickname “man’s best friend.” They work as excellent trackers and hunting hounds, as well as fun pets that win the hearts of families. Dogs also have a notably sharp sense of smell, making them the perfect choice for law enforcement.

With that out of the way, it makes you wonder. Which breed produces the best drug sniffing dogs? Today, we will look at some of the best canine breeds to train for sniffing and tracking these substances.

1. German Shepherd

To start with our list of the best drug-sniffing dogs, we first look at the German Shepherd. They stand out as the most common dogs in airport security, and a popular choice for law enforcement due to its versatility. The German Shepherd has about 225 million scent receptors in its nose.

This breed also has the capability to air-scent. This allows the dog to catch a whiff of scents carried in the air.

2. Bloodhound

Bloodhounds stand out with their cute droopy ears, giving them this distinct look. Despite this, they have sharp noses designed for tracking down its mark. Capable of following a scent train over miles, they can track down on-the-run perpetrators or trapped survivors.

This scent capability makes them excellent hunting companions and a valuable asset in the drug war.

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3. Belgian Malinois

Another dog that also has its place in the force is the Belgian Malinois. Aside from being smart and obedient, the Malinois has strong protective and territorial instincts. This makes this breed a great choice to train as a hard-working police dog.

Aside from drugs, the Malinois can sniff out explosives thanks to its keen sense of smell.

4. German Shorthair Pointer

Pointers stand distinguished as hunting dogs. This also applies to the German Shorthair due to its role versatility. Its sharp sense of smell is one of its best traits, but it doesn’t stop there.

This dog breed also displays high performance in field and water, which helps in its versatility. They can be easily trained due to their cooperative nature and intelligence. They can also be quite boisterous, bold, and quirky.

5. Labradors

Labrador Retrievers, or sometimes called Labradors or Labs, also pop up as one of the popular breeds partnered with the police. You can see this particular dog breed working with the police in numerous countries. What makes this the case is due to its outgoing and energetic nature.

The Labrador also has a sharp sense of smell, noted for its long snout which has many smelling receptors. Because of this, they work great as drug-sniffers capable of zeroing in on their targets.

Drug Sniffing Dogs Can Help You

Combining the edges of these breeds with sufficient training, these drug sniffing dogs can help in efforts with the drug war. Even in such situations, a dog still stands out as one of man’s best companions.

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