Lawn Care vs. Landscaping: Which Service Is Right for You?

Keeping up with your outdoor space is one way to increase curb appeal and boost your mood. If you don’t have a green thumb or simply don’t have the time, a professional can help you achieve that perfect lawn.

Most people use the terms landscaping and lawn care interchangeably. In reality, this isn’t the case! Read on to find out about lawn care vs landscaping and which is the best choice for you.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is the basic upkeep of your lawn. This means that you are not doing any major changes to the area. There are two main areas of lawn care which include making some small improvements and general upkeep. Generally, this describes the differences between lawn care and lawn maintenance. 

Small Improvements

Lawn care still includes some changes. These changes are simple and include things like fertilizing, planting seeds, pest control, and replacing sod.


Fertilization is important to grow a healthier and better-looking lawn. You must fertilize at the right time for the grass and the area you live in. Having a professional do this can ensure that you have the right fertilizer and the right time of year.

Weed Control and Dethatching

Controlling the things that are growing in and on your lawn can make or break it. Weeds are unsightly little things that pop up all over.

Dethatching ensures that thatch is removed which in the end prevents the spread of fungi. This fungus can wreak havoc on your beautiful grass. 


Aeration allows water to drain from areas of your lawn. Standing water can create mud and dead grass.

Clean Up

When the seasons change, there is often debris left behind. Lawn care services will ensure that you don’t have anything lingering around.


The other and most prominent aspect of lawn care is performing upkeep on the area. These services include mowing, trimming, and weed eating. This service is great for those who don’t have time. The average American spends about 70 hours a year on their lawn and garden care.

This isn’t necessarily a fun task for many either. Most often it is one of the sweatiest and messiest jobs when taking care of your home.


Landscaping includes large changes to your lawn area. When it comes to lawn care vs landscaping, think of landscaping as the designing of the lawn rather than the basic maintenance. These professionals can give you solid advice on how to create a wonderful lawn and keep up with the varying plants.

Installing Features

Landscapers can install things like plants, shrubs, trees, birdbaths, fire pits, fountains, statues, and fountains. They offer services that include a multitude of skilled machinery use. This includes digging, building, and demolition. 

Plant Experts

These professionals are the experts when it comes to maintaining all the different plants, flowers, trees, annuals, and so on that you have on your lawn. They will know exactly how to care for them.

When it comes to trees they will also be able to expertly trim and prune them.

Who Offers These Services?

There are many lawn care and landscaping companies. Most of these will offer both services for you to pick what works for you. Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. in Okeechobee, Florida does both!

Lawn Care vs Landscaping

Now that you know the difference when it comes to lawn care vs landscaping, you have a better idea about what your lawn needs. Keep in mind that both are important in the process of achieving your dream lawn.

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