Spending More Time Outside? Top Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

If you don’t have enough time to explore the great outdoors, why not bring the great outdoors to you?

Warm weather is nature’s invitation to go outside and feel good. However, you don’t have to force yourself to go camping or hiking. An overhaul of your outdoor space can make your backyard an inviting area to spend quality time.

The idea could be daunting, and overwhelming projects usually don’t push through. With our help, though, you won’t go through the complexities of a full backyard renovation.

Here are seven ideas to help get you started:

1. Create an Outdoor Living Room

You don’t have to confine your family and friends in the living room when entertaining. Hot days and nights allow you to create a space where you can have fun in your backyard.

A couple of old sofas, a love seat from a garage sale, or even old dining chairs can help you create an outdoor living room.

Remember to set it so that it encourages conversations. Lining them all up against a wall is not recommended. Instead, arrange them so that they can enclose a small coffee table in the middle.

2. Go Beyond BBQ Grills

Weekend BBQs never go out of style during summer, but it’s already cliché. Make this weekly experience something that everyone will look forward to attending. Instead of only doing barbecues, why not set up an entire kitchen outside?

An outdoor kitchen will make your outdoor space more entertaining. You also don’t have to go back and forth between your refrigerator and grill.

You make your kitchen simple with a refrigerator and a small table to prepare the food. However, a countertop, a sink, and a full-sized fridge will make your outdoor kitchen better. You even can have concrete or natural stone for flooring.

3. Al Fresco Dining Anytime

Even if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen in place, having an outdoor dining area is always a great option. Your dining area doesn’t have to be exclusive to full meals only. You can sit there having peppermint iced tea in the afternoon or a round of beer in the evening.

Not enough time to make home-cooked meals? You can always eat “outside” after getting your food delivered.

You can use a simple picnic table or go with bright bistro sets. Adding potted plants around the area can liven it up further. Painting an old table with bright colors can match the festive atmosphere.

Set up a simple sound system and play some upbeat background music. You could also use a Bluetooth setup for this purpose.

4. Go Wild with Natural Garden

Trimmed hedges and sleek, manicured lawns are appealing when you’re on a golf course. However, your backyard will look more inviting if you take the “wild” route. We’re not talking about creating your state park, though.

You’ll want to make the garden look untamed. Small evergreen shrubs like juniper, yew, and bougainvillea can line up the edges. You can also use terracotta pots for your plants. Aside from adding that rustic look, it allows you to move the plants around easier.

Small, rugged pathways made with natural stones can make it look even more appealing. Placing a garden fountain adds a lot to the natural ambiance of your garden.

Choosing a good design for a garden fountain can be stressful because there’s a large variety of them. Click here if you want an easier way to pick a garden fountain that matches your garden accessories.

5. Light It Up

The brighter days of summer encourages us to spend time outside, but it’s not limited to daylight only. Your backyard patio can offer an area to wind down even at night.

Bringing the ambiance to a whole new level can be as easy as adding lights. Think outside the box and forego fluorescent lights – they are too plain and boring. On the other hand, you don’t have to go all out like you’re decorating for the holidays.

Fairy lights or string lights hanging on your patio ceiling can liven up the mood. You can also choose to add a dramatic effect. Lanterns and torches can highlight certain parts of your backyard.

These lights can also make your backyard safer, keeping people from tripping over in the dark.

6. Space for Relaxation

There’s always something soothing about hearing the sound of water. It’s a welcome experience, especially on hot summer days.

Turning your outdoor living space into a space that offers tranquility is not as hard as you think. There are plenty of options to do so, from ponds to simple garden fountains. You can even set up something as simple as a hammock.

Adding a koi pond with those colorful carps swim across the pond is very relaxing. However, it’s not for everyone. It’s best for areas with milder climates.

A jacuzzi in your backyard is another great option. If you find this too expensive, you can always go for an inflatable spa. Garden fountains combined with beautiful lighting are a great choice, as well

7. Fire Pit Adds Warmth

If there’s a single garden decor that can make everyone huddle together, that would be a fire pit. Old habits from stone age times seem to be the hardest to die.

Did you know that sitting around the fire is good for the health, too? It’s also a great spot for cooking hotdogs while watching the dancing flames.

Marble gas fire pits stand out, especially with those with underground plumbing. There’s also a chiminea, which is a vertical-standing fireplace with a short chimney.

If you want it ready as early as the next day, you can go with cheaper wood fire pits. Usually elevated, these are fire bowls that come with a screen.

Who says you need to go to the mountains for camping? You can watch the flames flicker while roasting a marshmallow in your fire pit.

Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space does not have to stay barren like it’s the dead of winter. You can bring it to life with these top decorating ideas. You won’t have to go too far to enjoy the great outdoors.

Do you want more tips in decorating your home? Feel free to check our guides and make your home as warm and welcoming as it should be.

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