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Modern Flooring Basics: Luxurious Flooring Starts With an Underlay

There’s more than meets the eye, even with your home flooring. 

Choosing the right underlay for your home’s flooring is crucial. Even though you won’t see it, you’ll feel the effects. 

Underlay gives your flooring an extra boost of cushioning. You’ll feel cozier as you walk around, and it even adds to a floor’s lifespan. To experience these benefits, make sure you’re choosing the right underlay. 

If you need help choosing your home’s underlay, keep reading below. We have the best guide to modern flooring you’ve been looking for. 

What’s Your Subfloor Made of?

Whatever material your subflooring is made up of affects the type of underlay you should choose. 

For example, softer woods such as walnut should be covered by firmer underlays. Pay attention to the compression and overall structure of the underlay. Something too thin and soft can leave the wood vulnerable under the carpet. 

If you have concrete flooring, you’ll want to buy an underlay with a vapor layer. This layer prevents laminate flooring from absorbing moisture from the concrete. 

Where Are You Installing It?

Are you redoing your floors on an upper floor? You’ll want flooring underlay that’s noise resistant. This is especially important if you live in an apartment. 

If you’re wanting an overall quieter home environment, install noise-resistant underlay in all rooms. It’ll cut down on loud noises caused by energized pets and children. 

Pay Attention to the R-Value and Antimicrobial Properties

The R-value is the heat conductivity of a material. Lower R-value materials provide less heat insulation and vice versa. If you experience harsh winters, invest in an underlay with a higher R-value. 

For healthier flooring, grab underlay materials with more antimicrobial properties. Some underlays are produced with these properties, and materials such as cork are naturally antimicrobial.

Materials with antimicrobial benefits lower allergies and improve the overall smell of your home. 

Type of Underlay 

If you’re looking for laminate flooring underlay, you’ll find the most common type to be standard foam. You’ll want to steer away from foam if you’re in a high-moisture area. 

Are you choosing the right underlay on a budget? Use felt under your new flooring. As a bonus, felt often comes with a vapor barrier layer. 

For an eco-friendly vibe, use a cork underlay. It’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and it offers a wonderful cushioned feeling. Feel clean and comfortable with cork. 

For flooring that comes with a built-in underlay, don’t use any other underlay. The extra underlay will create more stress on your flooring. 

Modern Flooring: Choosing the Best Underlay for Your Home

Modern flooring isn’t complete without the right underlay. There are plenty of options to choose from so don’t forget to use the guide above. 

As you choose your underlay, know what materials your subfloor is made of and where you’re installing the underlay. Keep an eye out for antimicrobial properties, noise resistance, and the R-value.

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