how to make your lips look fuller

Simply Luscious Lips! How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller Without Injections

Full and plump lips are a hot trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. While we weren’t all born with perfect pouts, many people are trying to emulate the look with injections (Kylie Jenner, we’re looking at you).

But are injections right for everyone? They’re a serious body modification, even if we don’t think of them that way because they’re so popular. Injections are also expensive. If you get them done cheaply, they’re unsafe.

It’s also a temporary fix, so you need touchups from time to time. You can learn how to make your lips look fuller without a visit to a plastic surgeon.

If you’re committed to the look, you may opt to get your lips augmented in the future. For now, why not try some temporary options? Let’s talk about it.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to enhance your pout.

Simple Overlining

The most common way that people make their lips look fuller is by overlining. There’s a more complicated way that can be more effective (more on that later), but for now, we’re going to do it the easy way.

The trick here is to not overdo it. There are plenty of overlined lips that look clownish, and unless this is what you’re going for, it’s best to start small and move up from there when you establish a good baseline.

If you’re doing a simple overlining job, we suggest using neutral tones. This gives a more “real” appearance and the natural lines that edge your lips won’t look as obvious.

We also suggest using a matte lipstick. Matte liquid lipsticks have been the go-to for overlining, and for good reason. When there’s too much shine, the natural curve of your lip is more obvious.

Note that this is still a noticeable way to overline. It’s also the easiest.

Take your neutral matte lipstick and line your lips. For the upper lip, decide whether you want to create a new cupid’s bow (or get rid of the one that you have), or if you want to mimic your natural shape.

Go just along the outside of your upper lip and stop right before you hit the corners of your mouth. If you go over the corners your mouth will look too rounded.

Do the same on your bottom lip. If you have a lip that sticks out, don’t go beyond it. All you have to do now is color inside the lines.

Plumping Lipgloss

There are lip products available that give you a temporary “plump” look. They do this by irritating your lips. The lipgloss may burn or tingle, but it shouldn’t be painful.

These glosses are available at high-end makeup shops as well as drug stores, but you get what you pay for.

You can also make a gloss on your own. The addition of cinnamon or peppermint essential oils is what makes your lips plump up.

While lip plumpers are irritating, they’re also hydrating. You don’t have to worry about harming or drying out your lips. Make sure that you don’t go over the boundary of your lip shape with your lip plumper or you risk irritating your skin.


Exfoliating before applying your lipstick (or in general) is always important. It removes dead skin, provides a smoother surface for lip products, and brings blood to the surface to make your lips pinker.

This is a temporary solution for plumper lips, but it also doesn’t do any damage and it should be a regular part of your routine anyway. The “irritation” from the exfoliator causes your lips to swell, giving a plumper appearance.

While there are plenty of awesome exfoliators on the market, you can also make one with items that you already have in your pantry. You need some kind of food-safe oil (we prefer coconut oil, but any oil will work in a pinch). You also need sugar.

You can make this in a large batch but we prefer to make it as we go to make sure we always get the freshest scrub. Put about a teaspoon of oil onto a plate or in a small bowl. To that, add a pinch of sugar. Add more until you get a paste. The amount will vary depending on the oil that you’re using.

Rub this paste gently over your lips and rinse it away with water. You should reveal pink, soft, and plump lips when you dry off!

More Complex Overlining

There’s a better way to make makeup work for you, but you’ll need more supplies. This post explains some great lipstick organizers so you have somewhere to put everything if you aren’t already a makeup collector.

Do all of this after exfoliating.

First, line your lips with a lip liner that’s slightly darker than the color you choose. Again, we’re going to suggest using neutral tones here, but you can do it with any color once you’re comfortable.

As with the previous technique you’re going to want to line only slightly outside of your natural lip shape. This will look silly at first, but keep going.

After this, choose a lipstick shade that’s a shade or two lighter than the lip liner. Fill in your lips. This color difference gives a 3-D appearance.

If you want to enhance this look, use a darker color on the corners of your lips and create a gradient to a lighter color in the center.

The last thing to do is apply a gloss. Avoid the natural outline of your lips so they don’t look obvious.

How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller: No Injections Necessary

You don’t need expensive and painful injections and fillers to get the full-lips look. Learn how to make your lips look fuller with our helpful guide and you can have the perfect and adjustable pout in no time.

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