It's hard to get rid of things as a pack rat, even if those things have taken over the home. Here are the most painless decluttering tips for hoarders.

Painless Decluttering Tips for Hoarders and Pack Rats

Less than three percent of the population are diagnosed hoarders, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of us who could stand to reduce the number of items in our homes.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by your clutter any longer. Read on for the top decluttering tips for hoarders.

Start By Cleaning

You should start out by cleaning out any dirt or garbage in your home. It’s important to have a hygienic home, and cleaning up will help you prevent issues while you declutter.

If you need professional help, get house cleaning here. That way, you won’t have any missing spots that pop up when you begin the decluttering process.

Stop Shopping

The next action you need to take is to stop adding more to your clutter.  You probably don’t need the majority of things you buy. Think carefully about what you own, and whether you actually need or have room for the items you’re thinking about purchasing.

Get Organizing

You’ll need your space to be properly organized to declutter effectively. This will help you suss out items you may have doubles of. This will also stop you from purchasing items you already own since you’ll actually be able to find them. You may want to organize your item by room.

You don’t want to be storing your utensils in the bathroom anyway, and this will help you suss out where everything needs to be and what you need to get rid of.


Next, you’ll need to begin the actual decluttering. One good method for decluttering is to sort your items into four different piles. One to keep, one to store, one to donate, and one to throw away. But, you need to be critical when you evaluate each item.

There are other ways you can get organized while you declutter, too. You can create a decluttering checklist to help you on your journey. 

Slow and Steady

It’s one thing to understand how to declutter your home, and it’s another thing to get it done. Decluttering can be an emotional and stressful process, especially for people struggling with a psychological disorder. You don’t have to attempt to get everything done at once. You can declutter at a pace that works for you.

And, if you have difficulty letting go of items, you can always come back to them later. Try taking a first pass at decluttering, and see how you feel. Then, you can go through your items again with a more critical eye.

You can also hire a professional to help you manage the decluttering process. Professionals understand the mental toll decluttering can take, and what needs to be done to make it easier.

Utilize These Decluttering Tips for Hoarders

Now that you have these decluttering tips for hoarders, you’ll be able to get rid of so much of the extra stuff in your home.

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