It can be tricky when you want to kill bugs and pests in your home, but not your beloved pets. Is Raid safe for pets? Here's what you need to know.

Pet Friendly Pest Control: Is Raid Safe for Pets?

Did you know that over 90 million families own pets?  

Pets are members of the family and part of your household as much as you, your spouse, and your children are. Raid has always been promoted as safe for pets, which is why pet owners have been using it to keep their homes pet-friendly. 

But there is a lot of conflicting information out now about the safety of Raid and other insecticides for pets.  

Is Raid safe for pets? The short answer is yes. This article will give you the information you need to use Raid safely around your pets. 

Make Sure You’re Following the Manufacturer’s Instructions 

The first step to using safe bug killer around pets is to make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions. The label on every Raid product will tell you how much to use, and whether you can use it indoors.  

The label on your product will also tell you how far away from the area where you plan to spray you should keep your pets. Keep in mind that some products are designed for indoor use only, so if you’re using an outdoor product, make sure there’s no wind or rain before spraying it around your home. 

Use Raid Away From Where Your Pet Spends Time 

Sometimes we want to kill bugs but don’t consider that our pets may also be at risk. If you’re using Raid insecticide spray around the house or in your yard, make sure that your pet is not in the area where you apply it.  

You can also try to keep your pet outside during the time you’re spraying. If you don’t want to leave him outside alone, then make sure that he’s in a room where he can’t get near the furniture or walls that are being sprayed.  

It’s especially important for cats, who have very sensitive respiratory systems and may develop breathing problems if they inhale Raid insecticide mist. 

Store Out of Reach of Pets 

Pets may be curious about any new object they see in their environment. This is one of the dangers of Raid. The best way to keep them safe is to store the insecticide out of reach so that they do not have access to it.  

Keep in mind that Raid is a pesticide and not just an insecticide. This means that it kills insects on contact and can be harmful if ingested or inhaled. For this reason, it’s best to avoid using Raid in areas where your pets may have access to it. 

If you want to be extra safe with your pets, use organic pest control

Is Raid Safe for Pets? This Is How to Use Raid Properly 

So, is Raid safe for pets? The answer is if you use it correctly.  

With Raid, your best bet is to store it in an area where pets don’t have access. This way your pets are safe from any harm. If your pet does come in contact with Raid, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

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