Pet Health: Top Wellness Products for Your Furry Friends

The relationship between humans and dogs stretches back to the dawn of civilization. What was once a bond forged on hunting and grueling work has now evolved into something akin to the bond between parent and child. A solid 72% of childless millennial women would much rather spend time with their dog than with a child.

This is only fair, as the level of financial support our furry friends need is far less than what’s required to support another human. However, keeping your pets in peak condition requires unique products. Read on to find the best pet health products on the market today.


No one likes to think about their canine companion getting older. However, the relentless march of time doesn’t care for our discomfort. The fact remains that, like people, most dogs experience joint pain with age.

So, what’s a loving pet owner to do? Well, give them a supplement to ease the pain and hopefully regain mobility. If you would like to save some money on your pet supplements, check out this Nutra Thrive coupon code.

Many supplement brands like Dasuquin have meat flavors to make them more accessible for the dogs to stomach. Some dogs enjoy them more than their other treats.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

If you want to have healthy, comfortable pets for a long time, consider investing in orthopedic dog beds. Manufacturers make these beds with similar materials to high-quality human mattresses, like memory foam and cooling gel.

We know that dogs can fall asleep almost anywhere and in practically any position. However, if you get to sleep cool, cradled, and comfortable on your bed, why shouldn’t you offer your dog the same privilege?

Elevated Food Dishes

If you have a smaller dog, you can probably get away with setting their food dishes directly on the ground. However, with medium to large dogs, that can put an inordinate strain on their neck and joints. Consider investing in a set of elevated food and water dishes to reduce the stress placed on their bodies during mealtime.

Certain sets of elevated dishes even have tools in place to prevent spills. What’s even better? Most of these are dishwasher-safe, simplifying the clean-up process.

Comfortable Harnesses

Everyone knows that daily walks are essential for healthy pets. For the longest time, the leash and collar setup was the standard if you wanted to take your fuzzy friend out for a stroll. However, many pet owners now prefer using harnesses over leashes.

Why? Well, for one, harnesses can prevent pulling. It’s a lot harder for a dog to accidentally hurt themselves by jerking at their harness. On a leash and collar set-up, all the pressure from that pulling ends up on the dog’s throat. This can cause respiratory difficulties during walks.

However, even though harnesses can prevent pulling to a certain extent, you should still invest in one with a decent amount of padding. A harness made from comfortable fabric. Otherwise, you may as well have just strung three leashes together, wrapped them around their torso, and called it a day.

Protect Those Paws

We know what you’re thinking. “Paw protection balm? Really? I can barely get my dog to give me their paw when there’s a treat involved, and you want me to rub in some lotion?”

It might seem ridiculous at first but think of it. Imagine if you had to spend every day walking inside and out barefoot. Think of all the harsh chemicals on the road, the blistering heat of the sidewalk or asphalt during the summer, or the chilling, drying effect of ice during the winter.

While it’s true that Fido’s paws have more protection than your human bare feet have by nature, all of those outside forces can leave their little paws feeling dry and cracked. Treat your pup to a spa day and rub in some paw protection. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the relief.

Breed-Specific Dog Food

If there’s one trend in pet health we’re happy to see, it’s that people are finally taking the vast differences between dog breeds into account. It used to be that people would pick up dog food formulas based on weight, size, and age alone.

However, the nutritional needs of a Cocker Spaniel, a Boykin Spaniel, and an English Springer Spaniel are completely different. That’s why breed-specific dog foods can make a world of difference in your pet’s quality of life.

Consider CBD for Pet Health

It seems like CBD is in everything these days. Just like you can find CBD gummies and treats for humans, you can find CBD treats for dogs as well.

Veterinarians are somewhat split on the real benefits of full spectrum CBD for dogs. However, it’s been deemed safe for use as long as you follow all dosing instructions carefully. So, if you have a dog that’s prone to breaking into the treat jar, make sure all CBD-infused treats remain locked out of reach.

Anxiety Shirts Make Pets Relax

Last but not least, let’s look at one of the pet products that can help with Spot’s mental health. Many dogs experience severe separation or storm anxiety. Products like the Thundershirt work off of similar principles to the weighted blankets that we humans love to use so much. They mimic the feeling of a tight, warm embrace and help anxious dogs feel safe and secure.

This can keep your dog from barking and shaking like mad the next time a cold front comes rumbling through your area.

Looking for More Pet Health and Wellness Products for Your Best Friend?

We hope that you found this list of the top pet health and wellness products you can find on the market today helpful! If you’d like more tips, tricks, and guides for raising and loving healthy pets, check out the Pets section of our blog today for more articles like this one!

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