Seasonal Lawncare 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Year-Round Maintenance

You’re committed to finally putting effort into maintaining your lawn and making it look great year-round. You’ve spent years neglecting it, letting weeds grow and grass die.

You know you have a long way to go to improve the curb appeal and health of your lawn, but you don’t know how to get started.

There are so many questions to be answered when planning your lawn care. When is it best to fertilize your lawn? How often should you trim grass or other plants? Maybe you can’t decide if you want to tear up the grass to replace it with a different type of turf or even synthetic materials, in which case you might be asking yourself how much would sod removal cost?

You need a simple beginner’s guide to seasonal lawn care. Look no further than this guide, and keep reading for all the tips you need to cultivate beautiful landscaping during every season.

Busy Spring Cleaning

The spring is arguably the busiest time for gardening and landscaping projects. As the days stretch longer and the sun shines stronger, grass will start to grow faster.

Provide regular watering and fertilizing to your lawn during the spring season. Frequent weeding also helps to maintain lawn quality and deter lawn diseases.

However, making time to maintain your lawn every week can be incredibly time-consuming and laborious.

Hiring a landscaping service, like Sergio’s Lawn Services, can provide the most quality mowing, weeding, and manicuring. Then you’ll have a great-looking lawn without the gardening injuries.

Summer Lawn Maintenance

As the summer comes around, so does the hot sun. And with less rain, grass can easily dry out or get dead spots. In addition to monitoring a regular watering schedule for your lawn, mulching can also promote the health of your grass.

Your lawn will also continue growing faster in the nice weather. Overgrown plants become great nesting spots and meals for pests and lawn diseases. Consistent mowing and trimming can keep your lawn looking clean and keep the bugs away.

Raking Leaves for Fall

There are lots of lawn cleaning and maintenance to plan on as the fall comes around. With winter just around the corner, you want to plan for colder temperatures and potential snow for your lawn.

The fall is the last time to fertilize your lawn and other plants before the winter season. It’s also a good time to aerate your lawn which helps it breathe as the ground freezes.

Cold Weather Winter Tips

While you might assume that there’s nothing you can do to maintain your lawn during the colder months, you’d be wrong.

You still need to focus on preventing any overgrowth before plant growth slows down. Come spring, any overgrown plants and grassy areas can become well lived-in nests by rodents and bugs throughout the winter.

All You Need to Know About Seasonal Lawn Care

Seasonal lawn care may not be as simple as you once thought. While it may be difficult to get started, taking care of your yard can become as simple of a routine as brushing your teeth. Or, you can hire a landscaping company to make it all easier.

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