Cool Kids' Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Tips

Cool Kids’ Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Tips

Time to upgrade your child’s bedroom! But how are you going to do it? 

Whether you have a child who’s aging into a teen or pre-teen, or you just want to change up their space, you need some kids’ bedroom ideas to make sure you create a space that your child will love.

Lucky for you, I want to help. I’ve got plenty of creative bedroom ideas for any child, big, small, or somewhere in between. 

Whether you’ve got an angsty teen, a new non-toddler, or a kid who wants to play all day, these cool bedroom ideas can help. Keep reading to learn about some of my favorite ways to take your child’s bedroom to the next level. 

1. An Underwater Oasis

Does your child love the sea? Many children claim to want to be marine biologists when they grow up, meaning they have a fascination with sea life at a young age.

Bring that fascination into their bedrooms with an underwater oasis that they can enjoy any time. 

If your children can be trusted with fish (make sure you know your child here), adding a beautiful aquarium for them to care for is a great way to build their responsibility while keeping with an underwater theme. If they’re not old enough for that kind of responsibility, fake fish are fine. 

For those who are mermaid-inclined, a shell bed (or just shell or scale bedsheets like those found here: is a great choice. For those who prefer pirates, consider a skull and crossbones or boat motifs.

There are plenty of fish-themed shelves, lights, and decorations to bring the sea into the bedroom. We suggest blue walls or a cool ship decal!

2. Neon

Neon signs are also a great way to add a little bit of light to your kid’s bedroom. They can be easily mounted on the wall and can provide just the right amount of light for a nighttime reading session or to help your kids fall asleep. And since they are made with LED lighting, they are energy efficient and will last for years. Kids love the bright colors and unique design of Custom Neon Signs UK and they can also be used to accentuate a room with a unique atmosphere.

3. A Sports-Themed Space

Is your child a sports lover? Why not bring that theme into their bedroom?

Get all of their favorite athletes and plaster their posters in strategic areas. Consider a small and soft basketball hoop game for their closet. If you have the ability, getting a signed baseball or jersey to hang on the wall can really make it special. 

Make sure you have a trophy case or shelf for all of your child’s sports medals and trophies. They’ll love this motivating room! 

4. Room for Sleepovers

Does your child love inviting friends over for sleepovers? Make a sleepover friendly space so they can have people spend the night without anyone being crowded. 

One of the best ways to do this is by including furniture that can double as a bed. There are ottomans and chairs for this. These are easier than trying to fit couches in your child’s room, and they’re more comfortable.

You might also want to consider a bunk bed or a trundle bed, even for children who don’t share bedrooms with their siblings. 

Keep a TV and a cool movie space in one of the corners so your child can watch their favorite movies with their friends. 

5. Office and Bedroom Combo

Does your child need a quiet workspace for homework and studying? Sitting on their beds for this purpose isn’t great for sleep hygiene, but creating a separate space is a great option. 

I love lifted beds for this. They’re similar to bunk beds, but there’s no bed on the bottom level. Instead, there’s room for a desk. 

You may also want to put the desk in a different space. If your child has two closets, consider removing the doors from one and creating a small office nook. If they only have one, creating a space with a room divider helps to keep work time and sleep time separate. 

Make sure you have a lot of shelving space so they can reach everything that they need when they’re working. 

6. The Videogame Sanctuary

Is your child a serious gamer? Why not bring that into their bedroom?

Creating a cool videogame nook is a great idea. Dedicate one area of the room for gaming with a desk for their PC or a nice television space. You can use comfy gaming chairs or a beanbag for furniture options that won’t take up too much room.

When it comes to decorations, consider their favorite games and characters. There are cool posters and figurines for almost every game. 

Decorating Tips

Do you have a theme in mind but you’re still looking for more help? I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to take your bedroom decorations a breeze. These apply to every kind of bedroom.

1. Don’t Skimp on Storage

Your children are going to go through a lot of clothes. Not only are they always growing, but they develop different styles and follow different trends as they go through childhood. They also likely have a lot of toys and gadgets.

Keep plenty of storage space so you don’t have to find piles of clothes and toys everywhere. When there’s a space for every item, your child can keep their space neater. 

2. Ask Your Child First

Don’t go making changes to your kid’s room without asking. Even kids who have specific passions may not want their rooms to revolve around them.

It’s fun to bring your child along when you’re planning out their space. They can help you pick out furniture, room colors, and decoration options. 

3. Keep a Lot of Decoration Space

Do you want your child to pin things into the wall? If you’re a renter, this isn’t ideal. This is why you should keep plenty of room for decorations that your children don’t have to make holes for. 

I love shelves on the floor or on the walls, as well as things like corkboards or chalkboard paint. These things let your child decorate as they please without ruining the walls. One corkboard needs fewer holes than all of your child’s photos and posters. 

Do You Love These Cool Bedroom Ideas?

Which of these cool bedroom ideas is right for your child? Mix and match to give your kid a space that they’ll love. 

Whether you have a human mermaid or a future athlete, there’s something for every child. 

Do you love improving your home? I’ve got everything you need. Check out the rest of the blog for all of the decorating tips and tricks that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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