A full Murphy bed can give you a comfortable bed without taking up much space, but there are more advantages than just this. Here's what you need to know!

Space-Saving Sweet Dreams: 7 Reasons to Get a Murphy Bed

As humans one of the things we accumulate as we live someone is things. Our things add up and take up more space than we may expect. Humans are constantly trying to find a way to declutter their busy spaces and make rooms look more cohesive and put together. 

A murphy bed could be that link you’ve been missing in order to pull your home together and make it all feel inline and together. If you’ve never considered a murphy bed before, it might be time that you put in some effort to learn what they are and how they could complete your home. 

A full murphy bed is what your home has been missing to give you back that space and make your home look as comfortable and put together as possible. Here are a couple of reasons that these types of beds are the right style for your home. 

1. Their Origin Is A Story

One of the fun things about having a murphy bed is the story of how this type of bed was invented. Around 1900 was the very first time a murphy bed was used. William Lawrence Murphy was the man who put the plan together and invented this type of new pulldown bed.

Murphy wanted more space to entertain in his small apartment. This is the reason that he decided that if he could compose a bed that could fold, he’d have more space for company. This is the way that these creative hideaway beds really began.

2. Functionality You’re Missing

A lot like the creator’s story, the murphy bed gives you more room in your home. Being able to fold away that large queen Murphy bed could give you space to spruce up your surroundings during the day. It eliminates your concern over where things should fit and how you’re supposed to cram so many items into a small space. 

A murphy bed allows you to have extra floor space during the day. This way you can move around more and feel comfortable in your home without having the bed in the middle of everything. Murphy beds are great when you have a limited amount of room or you like everything to look hidden away and neat. 

3. Great Guest Bed

Looking for a guest bed that your company will love? Don’t always have the space to have a bed out in the open all the time? A murphy bed makes one of the best options for a guest bed. 

With a Murphy bed cabinet, you get all of the benefits of a great night’s sleep for your guests, but you don’t have to take up all of the space in your home to have it. These beds can be folded up and put away when they aren’t in use, making it easy for you to keep that open space in your home. Your guests will be surprised by the comfort they experience in a bed that can be tucked away so easily. 

4. A Key to Space

Finally, one of the biggest assets when it comes to deciding on a murphy bed for your home is the fact that you have more space. A murphy bed gives you the chance to not have that long bed frame out in the middle of the room. You’ll have the room to move around as you please without having to carefully watch your step. 

If you’re a person who spends a lot of time in their home, or 

Another great thing about a full-size murphy bed is that you don’t lose any of the comforts of the mattress. These murphy beds are designed to always give you that full night of sleep your body needs to refresh for the day. Here’s where to find those great murphy beds

The only difference between a murphy bed and a traditional bed is the fact that a murphy bed can fold up and be stored easily. These beds give you that same night of sleep that your body requires every evening. 

5. Very Easy to Use

When it comes to a murphy bed the media typically plays their jokes about how there’s the chance of them folding back into their storage spaces. This is not as true as they would like you to believe. The perk of a murphy bed is that they are simply easy to use. 

Pulling these beds down from their designated storage spaces is all that needs to be done. After that, they are secure enough to give you that great night of sleep you’ve been chasing after. 

6. Fits in With All Decor

Worried that having a murphy bed will throw off what the room is supposed to look like? A murphy bed does the opposite of that. In fact, a murphy bed gives you more options to make sure that the customization is exactly what is going to fit in with the room around it. 

Murphy beds come with plenty of options for every decoration style. You’ll be able to find the one that fits seamlessly in your home and gives you the satisfaction that you need. 

Your murphy bed doesn’t need to seem out of place at all. There are plenty of options to choose from to find the right one for your room. 

7. The Open Space You’re Missing

If you’ve been feeling closed in with that large bed in the middle of your room then it’s time to do something about it. Having a murphy bed will give you the chance to open your space up again. You’ll be able to move around with ease and feel less cramped in your space. 

A murphy bed is a perfect choice for individuals who are looking for more space. This will help you to feel like you have all of the freedom in your own home again. 

Put a Full Murphy Bed in Your Home

Stop delaying your chance to have more space in your home. Put in a full murphy bed and give yourself the room to move around and add to your space in the way that you’ve been looking for. There are plenty of options waiting for you to choose from. 

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