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Top 5 Signs of Well Pump Failure: What You Need to Look Out For

Did you know that an estimated 13 million homes have private wells that they use for their home’s water needs? One of the most important things that you’ll need to keep an eye out for when you have a well at your home is signs of well pump failure. Knowing how to tell if your well pump is bad will give you peace of mind and figure out the next steps to take for repairs or replacement.

There are often bad pressure tank symptoms that will help you when it comes to how to tell if your well pump is bad. The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn more about the five major signs that your well pump is going bad and needs repairs or replacement.

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1. Lack of Water

A clear sign that something is up with your home’s well is when you have no running water. You’ll notice this when you turn the nozzle on a faucet or try to get the water going for a shower, and you might wonder if the well is dry or the pump is bad. No matter what the issue is, if you’re not getting any water then it is an obvious sign that something is wrong with your well or your well pump.

One issue could be something related to your home’s circuit breaker. Check your circuit breaker to make sure that your home’s well pump is still getting power. Do this by turning the well pump off and resetting the breaker.

Another possibility could be issues with your pressure tank for your well. This is the tank that stores the water that your home is getting from the well. Sometimes this tank gets shut off and needs to get restarted or turned back on.

You could also be experiencing a break with the pipes in your home’s plumbing system. This is a severe issue that you should get help from a plumber with as soon as you’re aware of it. Go here for more info.

2. Lack of Water Pressure

Another one of the signs of well pump failure with your home’s residential well is when you start to notice your water pressure decreasing. This becomes evident when you turn the faucet expecting a steady flow, only to be met with a slow trickle. If you’re experiencing this frustrating scenario, it may be time to explore professional water pump repair and installation services.

This issue signals that the pump is struggling to draw an adequate amount of water into the system, indicating early-stage weakness and potential failure. This is also a sign that your well’s pump is potentially too small for your household’s needs.

This is often caused by add-ons to your home such as an additional bathroom or a new appliance that uses large amounts of water like a clothes washer. One possible cause is a hole in your pressure tank that prevents your well pump from producing ample pressure. It could also be a result of a build-up of bacteria inside the pipes and pump.

3. Faucets Producing Air

You might also notice your faucets producing air when trying to get water if your well pump is starting to go bad. This comes in the form of bubbles that come out of the faucet, and it might seem fun, but it is a sign of a major issue with your home’s well.

This happens when the pump for your well isn’t capable of getting more water into the system, and it sucks in additional amounts of air. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with the well pump that is preventing it from performing at expected levels.

Common reasons for this issue involve a crack in the pipes or the well pump, or it could result from the water table dropping in your location. If you fear that you have cracks in the pump or in the piping then you need to contact a plumber near you in order to get the maintenance and repairs that your system needs.

If the water table dropped then odds are that you’ll need an expert to come out and drill the well deeper. This will give your well access to water and help you get the water pressure that your system requires.

4. Dirty Well Water

Dirty well water is another one of the signs of well pump failure. This dirty well water is often accompanied by a metallic taste or smell. This is often a sign of minerals in your home’s water supply.

The real issue starts when you find dirt or sand in the water that comes out of your faucet or showerhead then it is time to contact an expert that will help. This sign that your pump is going bad and needs repairs or replacement.

This could happen as a result of broken pipes in the plumbing system or it could be due to the high level of minerals in your home’s water supply. If the issue only happens when you use hot water then you need to check out your hot water pump to see if it is the culprit.

5. Well Pump Runs on a Constant Basis

Another thing to keep an eye out for is your home’s well pump running on a constant basis. This isn’t normal and it is often a sign that something is going wrong with your well system. This usually results in requiring repairs or replacement for the well pump and other components that provide water to your home.

This could also be a result of the water table beneath your home dropping to levels below your well’s location. Another common cause is a leak in the plumbing, like a leaky faucet or a broken toilet.

Now You Know the Signs of Well Pump Failure for Your Home

Knowing the signs of well pump failure is the duty of any responsible homeowner when you have a well system for your water supply. If your well is constantly running then you need to look for leaks with faucets and issues with toilets. If your faucets produce air or your water pressure is going down then your well pump is going bad, and you should contact an expert near you.

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