Did you know that not all gardens are created equal these days? Here are the many different types of gardens that homeowners are in love with today.

What Are the Different Types of Gardens That Homeowners Love Today?

Did you know that almost all plant species are threatened by extinction? Consider planting various types of gardens to help them grow!

What types of gardens should you try your hand at you might wonder? Well, you’re in luck! Read this guide on the different types of gardens to help you choose the right one for your home today.

Butterfly Gardens

Consider helping the butterfly population by planting a garden that they’ll love! You can still add your own personal touch by choosing seasonal garden flags

In order to have the best garden for butterflies, include plenty of larval host plants and adult nectar sources. Use a variety of floral arrangements to attract butterflies.

Don’t limit yourself to just the sun, instead choose shaded areas as well. You can also plant in groupings to really beautify an area and provide plenty of food sources for these pollinators. Butterfly gardens are a great way to help with ecosystem conservation.

Chinese Garden

Your home garden can spark elements of traveling and enjoying the elements from overseas. You’ll want to have plants, stones, and water for this design. 

Some great garden plants are Bonsai, aquatic, annuals, shrubs, and trees. Bamboo is another great option. Lotus plants or pine trees are also a great option. 

First, choose a small space that’ll be perfect for your Chinese garden. Next, you’ll want to create a water feature such as a stream or pond. 

Avoid invasive species as you plant your garden. Consider a curved walkway or another unique design that’ll enhance your Chinese garden.

Many of them are enclosed by walls as well. They’re supposed to be peaceful locations for you to meditate and relax. 

Tropical Garden

While tropical gardens contain beautiful landscaping, they should be saved for more experienced gardeners. Tropical gardens are best in warmer locations since these plants require higher temperatures and plenty of water. 

Consider an irrigation system to water your garden. If you’d like a tropical garden in cooler climates, when it starts to get colder you’ll need to cover your plants. You could also consider a temperature-controlled space for them such as a greenhouse. 

Botanical Gardens

Smart homeowners love the variety of flowers that botanical gardens give you. You might be able to have a vast number of species in your garden that normally don’t grow in the area. You’ll want to consider hiring a gardener to take care of the variety of flowers in your garden. 

Exploring the Different Types of Gardens

This guide on the different types of gardens gives you an idea of the different options out there for your yard. Before you pick the right one for your needs, take a look at the size of the space plus the overall climate.

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