Water toys and features to add to a water park

Water toys and features to add to a water park

If you’re involved in the design of a new splashpad, you have a lot to consider. The initial step might be to assess the available area. There may be restrictions on what you can add if you’re retrofitting an already-existing water feature, such an inground pool.

There are some fundamental types of water park toys you should take into account regardless of whether you have to fit your spray park into an existing configuration or you have a blank slate for planning purposes. Naturally, your splash pad will be more complete if you can add every variety of water toy, but any of them will make it more enjoyable.

You can also discuss your requirements with the best splash pad companies for better suggestions on the topic.

Spraying Tools

By far, this is the most extensive category of splash pad accessories. Your splash pad will probably have at least one water-spraying feature, if not numerous, regardless of how it is set up. Simply put, kids of all ages enjoy getting sprayed with water or attempting to avoid it. You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to spray equipment for your splash park, including amusing, stylized vegetation, animals, imaginative shapes, and/or themed equipment.

Playful Water Toys

Imagine how much more fun your guests have when they really turn on the spray if they like it when they are sprayed. It’s as much fun to spray as it is to be sprayed, whether it’s from the pedal force of a Waterbike or the pressure from utilizing a Watertotter.


Spraying is one thing, but getting thoroughly wet by a lot of water at once is quite another. Any splash pad arrangement benefits from the addition of dunkers, such as the Aquadunker, a water toy that builds anticipation, and toys that resemble waterfalls.

What Features to Choose for Your Water Playground

There are at least as many stages in developing a children’s water playground as there are in any other construction project, from the initial concept and budgeting to design and execution.In reality, there is one phase that is unique to this project type. selecting the appropriate splash pad and spray park equipment.

Three Pointers for Picking Water Playground Features

One of the major issues with choosing water park amenities is that, assuming everything is safe to use and constructed in accordance with code, your imagination is your only real constraint. However, you’ll begin to reduce the issue of having too many options when you understand how to choose your equipment.

Budget and Park Size

Of course, you need to be sure that whatever amenities you select are within your budget and that your design allows for them. If money is a concern, look into financing possibilities, such as sponsorships.

No of the size of your park, it’s crucial to incorporate a variety of elements to provide your visitors a more engaging experience. Therefore, take care not to fill the available area with too many of one feature kind.

Installation and maintenance

Such problems and expenses can make them the wrong choice, even if you have the ideal combination of features in mind.

Some water playground elements, such as Aquatoys Plug n Play, come with built-in water pumps, removing the need to run water lines to each one. Additionally, their lifetime corrosion warranty means less hassle with upkeep.

Choose a Theme

Whether it’s space exploration, farm life, or pirates, picking a theme for your water features can affect the entire park’s layout, appearance, and mood. Plan ahead as soon as possible if you believe that having a theme would help you give a better experience.

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