Did you know that there are in fact many different species of cardinals? Here are the many different types of cardinals that can be found in the wild today.

What Are the Different Types of Cardinals That Exist Today?

Did you know that the Northern Cardinal is the state bird for seven American states? Cardinals have bright red feathers and a beautiful song. You can find male and female cardinals at bird feeders across the nation or singing happily in trees.

Many people don’t realize that there are several different types of cardinals. What are the most common cardinal species? Keep reading to find out more about the red cardinal bird.

Northern Cardinal

One of the most common types of cardinals to find at your cardinal bird feeder is the Northern Cardinal. Even though they are called the Northern Cardinal, you can find them throughout the country.

Northern Cardinals are the bright red cardinal that everyone is familiar with. While the males are bright red, females are a brown color with red accents.

The most common places to see a Northern Cardinal are in trees, the ground, or at bird feeds. They eat seeds, berries, corn, and small insects.

While male Northern Cardinals aren’t aggressive towards people, they are aggressive towards each other. You may even see a male cardinal attacking its own reflection in a window!

Vermilion Cardinal

Another one of the most common types of cardinal is the Vermilion Cardinal. While these cardinals aren’t common in the United States, there are tons of them in Venezuela and Columbia.

The Vermilion Cardinal is a tropical bird with an even brighter red color than the Northern Cardinal. Another difference between the Vermilion Cardinal and the Northern Cardinal is that the Vermilion Cardinal has a big red mohawk.

Desert Cardinal

If you live in Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, you may have Desert Cardinals in your backyard. While these cardinals look like the Northern Cardinal, there are some differences.

For example, Desert Carindals are gray with red accents. Instead of having black beaks, they have curved yellow beaks. Females look similar to males, except they are a deeper shade of gray.

If you want to find the Desert Cardinal, you are most likely to find them in the dry shrubs of the desert. During the summer, Desert Cardinals hide out to beat the heat. You are most likely to find them in the fall and winter.

Red-Crested Cardinal

While this bird lives in southern South America, the Red-Crested Cardinal has migrated to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. If you enjoy birding, be sure to look for this colorful bird next time you go on a tropical vacation!

The red-crested cardinal looks like the Northern Cardinal except it has a red head, white breast, and gray body. These birds enjoy eating insects and seeds, just like other types of cardinals.

Which Types of Cardinals Live Near You?

Cardinals are beautiful, red birds that live in trees, deserts, and your backyard. You can find these birds all over North and South America. The most common types of cardinals are the Northern Cardinal, Vermilion Cardinal, Desert Cardinal, and Red-Crested Cardinal.

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