What is Furnace Maintenance, and Why Do I Need it?

What is Furnace Maintenance, and Why Do I Need it?

As the weather becomes colder, your furnace may have to work harder. You’ll want to make sure it’s running at its best so that you can keep your home warm and cozy. A maintenance inspection will help make sure this happens.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Furnace Properly

Experienced heating repair services will ensure that your furnace is operating at its optimum level of efficiency and safety all season long.

Prevent Damage to your Furnace

Regular maintenance can help prevent overloading and overheating, which can cause significant problems with your system.

Prevent Fires

Poorly maintained furnaces are more likely to malfunction and spark a fire in your home or business.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause death by suffocation. Modern furnaces have built-in safety devices that detect fires, but these systems will only work if properly maintained by a professional technician.

Avoid Freezing Temperatures

If you don’t have a working heater installed during the winter months (or if yours isn’t working properly), you could run into severe problems with frozen pipes or other serious damage to your home or business property.


High Furnace Efficiency Can Reduce Heating Costs

You can cut your heating costs if you buy a more energy-efficient furnace. 

If your furnace isn’t operating at peak efficiency and you aren’t having regular maintenance performed on it, you may be paying for heating costs that are higher than necessary.

The Importance of Maintenance Inspections

A furnace maintenance inspection can help detect problems early, before they become large, expensive repairs. Simply replacing the filter can often prevent a clogged filter from causing problems later.

Furnace maintenance and cleaning will keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the year. Maintenance is essential when you have older ductwork or radiators that may be more prone to damage if not cleaned out regularly.

Making Sure Your Family Is Safe

Regular maintenance is for your safety. When you’ve got a system that’s been neglected, it’s like having a car without oil in it: Things can begin to break down and create safety hazards. Regular maintenance checks can help you avoid the following:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning: When there’s a problem with your furnace, carbon monoxide can leak into your home, not just when you’re using the furnace. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, poisonous gas that can be deadly if left unchecked. Ensuring your system is working is paramount for protecting yourself and those around you from this danger.
  • Fire hazards: Suppose something isn’t working as it should be with your heating system. It could also put people at risk of accidental fires due to malfunctioning parts or sparks from worn-out wiring. 
  • Health problems: You could also see a number of other illnesses that are caused by toxic mold growth if the airflow has become restricted due to clogged vents or other problems.

Minor Fixes Can Prevent Your Furnace From Shutting Down

Technicians can make many minor fixes during an inspection that will prevent your furnace from shutting down entirely in the middle of the winter. These can include:

  • Checking the filter
  • Checking the thermostat
  • Checking the pilot light
  • Checking gas lines and connections
  • Checking the air filter, blower motor, and igniter (if applicable)

Make sure you check all wires to ensure they are correctly connected. Check for any clogs, and make sure all parts are clean and free from debris before putting them back together.

Regular inspections allow you to keep your heating system running smoothly and safely. You’ll save money on your utility bills by using less energy to heat your home. If your furnace functions correctly, it will protect your family and keep you safe and warm all winter long.

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