Why Designer Bags Are Worth the Investment

Why Designer Bags Are Worth the Investment

Unlike other fashion investments (like a new dress or pair of shoes), designer bags tend to hold their value in the resale market. Many consider them an intelligent purchase because they can make you money in the long run.

This edit is full of hero pieces that will keep their value, including the bag already seen on the arms of style experts and editors alike.

They’re Made with High-Quality Materials

Bags made with high-quality materials are designed to last, meaning they will hold their value over time. This is especially true for classic designer bags, which have been reissued and reimagined with new details but remain timeless styles rather than modern one-hit wonders.

In addition to quality, many designer bags appreciate over time due to rarity and exclusivity. For example, a quilted bag will increase in value due to its limited release and iconic design. Similarly, a New Wave bag has gained popularity thanks to its sleek block color and reimagined monogram design.

As a result, a designer bag will likely keep its value over time and is often an excellent investment for fashion lovers. It’s been reported that designer bags outpace rare artwork and cars in terms of resale value.

They Hold Their Value

A designer bag can be a good fashion investment when you buy it from a high-quality brand. Handbags outperform rare artwork, cars, and even whisky regarding investment potential. Depending on the brand and style, a designer bag can retain or even increase in value over time.

A luxury bag resale website, they’ve closely watched which designer bags hold their value the best. According to our latest research, the coveted \bag—seen on the arms of Dua Lipa, Oprah Winfrey, and Beyonce—has an average resale value of 195%.

Other brands have an excellent track record of bag resale value. Its Bag’—which takes an astonishing 524 steps to make—has a resale value of 83%, making it the perfect summer beach bag or a stylish companion for your best midi dress. Considering that the designer bag industry is booming—with prices expected to hit billion dollars by 2027—this is worth considering. The right designer bag can be your new investment piece.

They’re a Statement Piece

In a fashion world where trends come and go at breakneck speeds, classic handbags are timeless accessory that stands out from the crowd. But that’s not the only reason a designer bag is worth the investment. Designer bags also tend to keep their value, especially if they are designed with timeless silhouettes and made in limited quantities.

The best designer bags are also coveted by style experts and celebrities, which can increase their resale value even further. For example, the tote has been spotted on the arms of many style icons and editors, making it an instant classic that will stay in style for a while.

Similarly, the Flap Bag has recently seen its resale value skyrocket, and its popularity is likely to continue rising. But it’s important to note that resale value will only increase if the bag is kept in perfect condition. So, if you’re considering investing in a designer bag, shop the pristine selections available online and at other resale retailers.

They’re Timeless

The best designer bags are ones that always stay in style. Whether it’s a classic Flap Bag or the boy bag designed to evoke a boyish persona, these designer bags will remain in fashion for years and will always be worth the investment.

While new hero pieces that style experts have championed may rise to cult status this year, those designers who are already enduring staples will remain the most valuable in 2023. Supported by social media influencers, this bag combines the brand’s heritage roots with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Available in various colorways this bag will suit any wardrobe.

And, of course, the brand’s use of sustainable leather and supply chain transparency is another big plus – with Puzzle Bag taking an eye-watering 524 steps to make. With many of these bags also being seasonless, you can wear them all year round, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

They’re Expensive

Designer bags come in all shapes and sizes but also tend to be expensive. This is due to several factors, including materials, design, and process. Many bags require handmade parts or embellishments, which can be costly. This is why it’s not uncommon for some designer bags to sell for six-figure sums.

Despite their high price tag, many designer bags retain value and increase over time. This is why some consider them to be a good investment piece. In fact, according to experts, bags can outperform investments such as rare whiskies, art, and classic cars.

The best way to find a bag worth the investment is to choose one that has longevity and will be in style forever. Look for timeless silhouettes, which will likely remain in a manner well after next season’s It bag has come and gone. Also, consider the sales tax cost in your country, as this can add up quickly.

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