Whether it's fall or any time of the year, you'll love these 5 ideas for a bedroom makeover! Make your bedroom a cozy retreat for fall and all year round

5 Fun Ideas for a Fall Bedroom Makeover

Cool weather. Cozy cardigans. The return of pumpkin spice lattes.

Is there anything that’s not great about fall? If you’re looking to harness that autumn feeling in your home all year round, we can help.

Keep reading to find our ideas for a fall bedroom makeover.

1. Replace Your Bedding

With the hot summer weather behind you, it’s time to rethink your bedding. Fall is all about being cozy and comfortable so your linens should reflect that.

Duvets are a great way to add style and comfort to your bed. They’re full, fluffy, and warm. Not to mention that the duvet cover possibilities are endless.

Choose a cover set in autumn colors or prints to bring that fall feeling indoors. 

Add in a few throw pillows or chunky blankets that complement your bedroom colors. Use this color wheel tool to determine what colors will look best in your space. 

2. Get the Lighting Right

Nothing screams “cozy!” like string lights and candles. Hang a strand of lights from your headboard or, if you’re adventurous, hang them swag-style from the roof. 

A Himalayan salt lamp is a great lighting choice for a warm ambient glow. These lamps are said to have a host of health benefits like air purification and mood-boosting powers. While these claims are not supported by science, salt lamps are beautiful and inviting. 

Candles are a romantic decorative accent essential for any cozy bedroom. The warm lighting they give off soothes the nervous system and improves mood. Choose an autumn scent like pumpkin, cinnamon, or salted caramel.

If you don’t use candles in your home, LED candles are a great alternative. If you want the scent of candles but don’t want the fire hazard, reed diffusers are a safe and viable substitute. 

3. Consider Repainting

Autumn paint colors aren’t only great for the fall season. They’re fashionable, warm, and relaxing, making them perfect for year-round use.

You can’t go wrong with hues like warm grey, red wine, wheat, or honey. These are some of our favorite colors to consider using to freshen up your space.

You don’t need to repaint your entire room to get the fall vibes flowing, though. An autumn-colored accent wall is an easy way to harness the coziness of the season without too much effort. 

Choose one of the paint colors above to paint the wall behind your bed. If you’re adventurous and handy with power tools, try a board and batten accent wall. You can DIY this project in a weekend and it will completely transform your space. 

If you’re not interested in painting, a wallpaper accent wall is another great option. You can use real wallpaper or the peel-and-stick kind you can find in stores or online. The latter is perfect for indecisive folks who aren’t ready to commit to something as final as wallpaper or paint. 

The benefit of peel-and-stick wallpaper is that you can remove it with the seasons. Try a warm autumn scene for the cooler months of the year and a peppy floral print for summer. 

4. Bring in Fall Decor

Pumpkins, wreaths, and fall harvest bouquets, oh my! The right fall decor will transform any room into an autumn lover’s paradise.

Pumpkin decor doesn’t have to have a Halloween look to it. There are plenty of modern and chic decorative accents that involved pumpkins. Choose white pumpkins over orange ones if you want less of a Halloweeny vibe.

Wreaths aren’t only for front doors anymore. A floral or hoop wreath above the bed adds a beautiful rustic touch. Try hanging branch or leaf garland and swag from your local craft store from your bed frame.

A harvest-colored bouquet on your bedside table provides a warm pop of color and life to your space. 

If you’re a crafter, many decorative accents can be made at home for much cheaper than you’d find at the store. Gather your girlfriends for a wine and crafts night and let your creativity soar. 

5. Mix Up Textures

Any item that adds softness and texture to your space will make your room a cozier place. Anything from a throw blanket to cane screens to curtains is considered a texture. Rooms without any textures tend to fall flat and feel clinical and cool. 

Use different textures to create autumny accents in your bedroom. Jute, wool rugs, and baskets are great for adding texture. 

Plants not only bring nature into your room but are an easy way to add natural texture. Choose eye-catching plants such as a fluffy Boston Fern or a dangling string of pearls succulent. 

If you’re not confident in your plant-keeping skills, try branches, instead. You’ll still be bringing in texture from mother nature, but without worrying about having to keep something alive. 

Your headboard could add an interesting texture to your space. Tufted, velvet or wood-paneled styles make great statement pieces. Non-headboards, such as wall dividers or repurposed vintage windows or doors, are dramatic and gorgeous.  

Fiber art can add a lot of texture to the walls in your room. Macrame is back in style and can be DIY’ed for cheap. Even something like a shaped shag rug hung on the wall will be attention-grabbing. 

Start Your Bedroom Makeover Today

You don’t need to have a huge budget to achieve a beautiful fall bedroom makeover. A few small and affordable changes can give you that cozy space you’re vying for. 

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