Curb appeal is one of the most important things to have when selling a home, but what is the curb appeal meaning? Learn all about it here.

Curb Appeal Meaning: What It Is and How to Add It

One study showed that homes sold 40 days faster when the homeowners focused on staging their houses. So why does home staging make a difference? 

Staging a home before selling it increases its curb appeal, attracting more people to a house. So if you want to sell your house, you might want to dive into curb appeal meaning, as it can be a game-changer.

Learning about curb appeal can guide you to the right steps you need to take to prepare your home for sale. Then, you might find a buyer faster.

Here is a guide explaining curb appeal and why it’s such a valuable tool when selling a home.

Curb Appeal Meaning Basics

Curb appeal is a phrase you often hear with real estate. When people speak of curb appeal, they refer to how a home exterior looks when they initially see a property. 

Curb appeal describes a person’s first impression of the home, invoking emotion. The bottom line is that curb appeal can be positive or negative.

A positive curb appeal might create a garden appearance at a house. But, on the other hand, if the home doesn’t look good from the outside, people might pass it by and choose a different house.

Why Curb Appeal Matters

As you can see, curb appeal matters when selling a home, affecting how people view the house. Curb appeal also affects property values, and it controls how quickly a home sells. 

Homes that look great from the outside attract more buyers, too. So if you want to sell your home faster, focusing on curb appeal is one of the best things you can do. 

How to Increase Curb Appeal 

If you decide that improving your curb appeal might help you sell your home, you’ll need to determine what actions to take. Here are some ideas:

Clean Up the Yard

You might want to start by cleaning up your yard. For example, get rid of any trash that you see. You can also hire a company that offers tree services to eliminate tree stumps or trim your trees. 

Pressure Wash the Sidewalks

Secondly, pressure washing your sidewalks and driveways can make a big difference when focusing on curb appeal. You might also want to pressure wash your home’s exterior and front porch. 

Spruce Up the Front Entryway 

Next, you can move on to your entryway. When people walk up to your front door, you’ll want them to have a positive experience.

You can repaint your front door and remove junk from this area. You could also place a couple of potted plants next to your door or a wreath on your door. 

Focus on Curb Appeal Before Listing Your House

As you learn more about curb appeal meaning, you’ll discover its definition and why it matters. You’ll also learn the best steps to improve curb appeal before listing your home.

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