Dog Grooming Hacks That Every Owner Should Know

Dog Grooming Hacks That Every Owner Should Know

We all love dogs; they are regarded as man’s best friend for many reasons; they are loyal, easy to care for and each has his own personality, much like us humans. Taking care of a dog is obviously a full time job, as he or she is part of the family and if you are new to dog ownership, here are a few hacks that every dog owner should know.

  • Teeth cleaning – Yes, dogs should have their teeth brushed and this isn’t as easy as it sounds; if your dog doesn’t like you brushing their teeth, buy a special rubber chew toy that is covered with small bristles and let him chomp away on that; you can even add some toothpaste when you give him the toy.
  • Fast eaters – Some dogs scoff down their food like it’s a race and this isn’t good for digestion; there are special slow feed bowls that have channels like a maze and the dog has to work a little to get to the food, thus slowing him down.
  • Shiny coat – Order dog vitamins for healthy coats from a leading Australian dog supplies e-store; a capsule a day keeps his coat nice and shiny, plus he gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs. Another way to promote a healthy coat is a teaspoon of pure olive oil (use a needleless syringe) every day, which really does bring out a shiny coat.
  • Carry a carabiner – If you attach a carabiner to the end of his leash, you can secure him to a post or tree, plus this handy device can be used to clip shopping bags together. You can find these at any online sports store and get a couple, as they are very handy things to have around the house.
  • Pill pockets – This is an ingenious way to administer medicine in pill form; tasty chews with a slot in the middle to slide the medication into. This is the most effective way to ensure he doesn’t spit the pill out when you’re not looking. Keep a packet in the kitchen and when it comes to giving him medicine, you have the perfect disguise. You may not know that dogs and have CBD oil, which offers many benefits to their health.
  • Removing pet hair – We can’t blame our pooch for shedding fur, it is a natural occurrence that leaves hairs everywhere; not to worry if you have a pet hair roller device; simply roll it over the furniture or your clothes and off come the dog hairs.
  • Teach your dog to ring the bell – This is actually doable; put a small bell on the end of a length of string and attach it (dog height) near the door and every time you go to take him out, ring the bell. Then you can encourage him to do the same and if you keep going with this routine, there will come a day when he understands that ringing the bell tells you he wants to go out.

We hope these hacks are well received and that you and your canine companion culture the perfect relationship. Don’t forget to register your puppy with the authorities and have him registered with the local vet, where he can get all his vaccinations.

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