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Best Ways To Restore Your Deck

Wondering how to restore deck wood to its original state? Did you know that back deck renovations gave homeowners an average of 66% return on their investment in 2020? That means you can spruce up your home and improve its resale value at the same time.

But what’s the best way to do it and still save money?

Don’t worry, that’s what today’s lesson is all about. Read on to discover how experts approach their deck restoration projects with cost efficiency in mind, so you can do the same.


Did you know that since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, 76% of American homeowners completed at least one home improvement project? In 2021, that number is expected to rise to 4%. And those projects all begin with a simple inspection.

The first step for a wood deck restoration is to evaluate posts, joists, balusters, handrails, and deck boards for rot. Also, check for loose boards or missing screws. If the damage is extensive, you might need to hire a contractor.

Remove Loose Finish

To restore your deck properly, you must get rid of flaking wood and paint. If you don’t, it’ll continue to flake after you apply your deck restore paint. If your deck was previously stained rather than painted, you’ll still need to look for areas that’ll need to be scraped clean.

Those include areas with high traffic and areas with high runoff. This is also the time to use a restore a deck cleaner. If you don’t have a premade cleaner, you can use dish soap and water.

Strip the Wood

If you plan to stain the wood, you’ll need to strip the original stain and varnish. If you want to paint it instead, you might still want to strip it.

The reason? Simple. Your new paint is more likely to flake if you haven’t removed the original paint.

Upgrade Options

Now you’ve stripped the wood, what happens next? You have a few options:

  • Repair damaged sections
  • Apply a restore a deck stain
  • Use a restore a deck paint

Experts like the ones found here, always begin by repairing any damaged sections, but that might not be the right choice for you this year. Why? The entire world is suffering from a lumber shortage as an after effect of the Covid pandemic.

That means you might want to refinish your deck first and come back to fix the damaged sections when lumber prices fall. For your next step, you’ll apply a primer if you’re painting. After a coat of primer, you’ll finish the deck off with a coat of fresh paint in a color of your choice.

If you’re using a stain, you’ll apply the stain instead of primer. Then you’ll move on to apply a coat of sealant.

How to Restore Deck Railings and Stairs

The railings and the stairs are often the most worn surfaces on your deck. Rather than restoring them, consider replacing the topmost wood. That’s the surface on which you step and the spot you place your drink.

They’re both small jobs and require a limited number of materials and man-hours to complete.

What’s Next?

Now you know how to restore deck wood to its original state. If you don’t have much rot or termite damage, it’s a simple process. Just be sure to start with a thorough cleaning and stripping when necessary.

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