How to Organize, Preserve and Digitize Home Movies

How to Organize, Preserve and Digitize Home Movies

In the past year, people around the world have started to realize the importance of maintaining great relationships with their family members. If you have children, preserving the memories you make with them is a great idea. One of the best ways to do this is by recording home movies on a quality camcorder.

Millions of dollars are spent on home video equipment every year. If you have lots of older home movies sitting around your home, you need to work on getting them organized. You also need to focus on protecting the footage that is on these tapes is also something you need to prioritize. Read below for some helpful tips on how to organize, preserve and digitize the home movies you treasure.

Start Organizing Your Home Movie Collection

The first step in getting your home movie collection organized is pulling all of the tapes and reels you have stored throughout your home. Once you have all of these home movies in one place, you need to devise a system to organize them. The first thing you need to consider when attempting to organize your home movies is the dates they were created. Putting these films in chronological order is a great way to make them more accessible.

Using the power of technology and creating a digital document that details what each of the movies in your collection is about is also a good idea. By writing a short description of each video, you can make it much easier to find the footage you want in the future. Creating this digital document is also a great way to make information about your collection more accessible to family members around the world.

The Preservation Process

If you have lots of old tape reels with home movies on them, you need to be aware of how damaged this tape can become over time. Before getting out your projector to play these tapes, you need to inspect it. As time goes by, the film containing your home movies will shrink and become extremely brittle.

When cracks or tears are detected during your inspection, then you need to avoid trying to put the film into a projector. If you want to make preserving your home movies easier, consider doing things like:

·        Store home movies in a cool dry place

·        Avoid handling film with dirty hands

·        Never throw away the original video or tape

By following these tips, you can keep your home movies in great shape.


Reasons To Digitize Your Home Movies

One of the best ways to preserve the memories on your home movies and make them more accessible is by digitizing them. There are a number of companies that can convert super 8 film to digital. Once these movies are digitized, you can easily share them. A digital copy of these home videos is also a great way to preserve your memories for years to come.

By putting these great tips to use, you can keep your home movies safe and accessible for years to come. 

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