what Florida Man did on September 2

Florida Man September 2 – Wet Willies and the Unstoppable ‘Holla!’

Welcome back to the unparalleled universe of Florida Man, where every day brings a new chapter of inexplicable tales. Today, we unravel the adventures of Florida man on September 2, a date etched in the annals of eccentricity.

Strap in as we embark on a rollercoaster ride to see what Florida man did on September 2.

Let’s dive in.

Florida Man September 2 – A Drunken Dance of Disturbance

Our first story is based in St. Lucie County, where Joseph Sireci, a 47-year-old Florida man was arrested after his girlfriend reported unwanted physical contact and giving a “wet willy”, according to an affidavit obtained by local media.

The woman found her boyfriend intoxicated at their residence upon returning home from work. The affidavit stated that the man, identified as Joseph Sireci, accompanied her and their daughter to another location earlier that day, where he continued drinking and exhibiting disruptive behavior.

While traveling home, Sireci allegedly grabbed his girlfriend’s arm, forcibly pulled her, and engaged in unwanted physical contact, as detailed in the affidavit.

The woman’s daughter corroborated her mother’s account. Sireci faced battery charges and reportedly denied intoxication when questioned by authorities.

Florida Man September 2 – ‘Holla!’ Forehead

Our second story introduces us to the Florida man known for his vibrant bikini attire and distinctive “HOLLA!” forehead tattoo who landed himself in hot water again, racking up his 27th arrest.

Authorities arrested 38-year-old Charles Easter, or ‘HollaBeyonceAliciaKeys-and-RiRi, which is Rihanna’ as he’s also known, in Fort Lauderdale early Tuesday morning. According to The Smoking Gun, Easter’s visit to a friend at a local hospital emergency room took a turn for the disorderly.

Reports indicate he became “unruly” during the visit, prompting police intervention. An officer escorted Easter out as things escalated. An arrest document detailed him yelling profanities at a nurse and, in a reported “fit of rage,” flinging coffee across the floor and wall.

The document also described Easter’s additional tattoos, including “I Bet You Won’t” on his back and teardrops on his face. Interestingly, his address is listed as “At Large, Fort Lauderdale, FL.” Known for his sidewalk dance routines in pink or colored bikinis, Easter reportedly performs in hopes of earning tips. But this latest incident marks yet another stumble in a string of legal troubles.


As we bid adieu to these tales, remember, in the realm of Florida Man, the unpredictable is the only constant.

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