florida man september 21

Florida Man September 21

Here we go again, today we cover Florida Man September 21.

On the date known as The International Day of Peace, Florida Man again did the unthinkable. See the full stories right below:

Florida Man September 21, 2020 – Florida Man Tried To Attract Minor for Sexual Activities with Soda, Candy, and $150

Jacksonville, Florida. – The 34 years old Florida Man attempted to have sex with a minor in a commercial sex trafficking bust.

Police arrested Gregory Thomas Garcia (34) for commercial sex trafficking of a minor. The man has to face a potential minimum ten-year penalty with a maximum penalty being a life sentence in federal prison.

The story began when Garcia tried to communicate with a minor through text message. The authorities then discovered the message during an investigation of a separate crime.

The victim, who was 16 at that time, told the authorities, including special agents and detectives, that she had met with Garcia more than 20 times. Occasionally, Garcia tried to pay her to do sexual activity.

Text messages provided by the victim proved this fact later on. Officers also found additional messages sent through the Snapchat app.

The victim agreed to work with the agents to investigate and arrest Garcia.

Starting from September 21 to the 23rd, an agent, who was undercover as a victim, tried to communicate with Garcia through a Snapchat account.

During the communication, Garcia agreed to meet the victim in a parking lot, promising the girl a can of soda, candy, and $150.

After bringing all the stuff he promised, Garcia came to the parking lot only to find the agent waiting for him. Police arrested and charged Garcia shortly after.

Florida Man September 21, 2019 – Florida Man Arrested After Leaving Man with Down Syndrome in a Hot Van

Pinellas County, Florida. – Investigators accused a worker of leaving a 35 years old man with Down Syndrome in a hot van, leading to his death.

The story begins with a worker from Crossroads of Pinellas, Joshua Russel (26). Russel was tasked with taking care of a man with down syndrome.

He drove him back to the group home after visiting the hospital for a regular checkup. 

On the way, Russell suddenly decided to stop at his house. Unfortunately, he left the disabled man, John Lapointe (35), inside the van.

Inside the house, Russell consumed a substance named kratom. He told the authorities that he did it because he wanted to stay awake on the job. 

Shortly after that, Russell returned to his van and continued driving. Due to the substance’s effects, Russell felt sudden changes in his body.

He felt nauseous and tired, so he parked the van in a driveway. He turned the car off and went to sleep not long after.

Moments later, he woke up due to the van’s heat and realized that Lapointe wasn’t breathing. He tried to do CPR, but it didn’t work.

In a panic, Russell called his mom and told her that he would take his own life after what he had done. The mother said to him that he shouldn’t do it.

The mother called 911, and the authorities responded quickly to the location. Paramedics were already on the spot and pronounced that Lapointe was dead.

Police did not find Russell in the area. Sources suggested that he had run away with a gun in his hand. 

After a confrontation with the man, the authorities successfully controlled the situation. They then put Russell into custody with a manslaughter charge.

The investigation mentioned that the temperature inside the van reached 125 degrees. 

Final Thoughts

September 21 was indeed not a good day for Florida Man. From sexually abusing a minor to accidental manslaughter, Florida Man can undoubtedly do just about anything.

Be constantly aware of your surroundings. Make sure that if you ever notice anything suspicious, like a Florida man, call the authorities immediately.

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