A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Perfect Hair Extensions

Did you know that by 2024 people are expected to spend $5 billion globally on hair extensions?

Hair extensions have become less of an accessory and a must-have item for many people. You may need extra hair length for that style you have been looking for. In other cases, you may have a special event coming up, such as a wedding, and you know that your hair will not grow in time for the event. 

How can you find the best hair extension solution if this is you? Why not read on to learn more?

What Kind of Hair Extensions Are Available?

In 2020, many types of hair extensions are available depending on your need. If you want great quality hair at a reasonable price, why not click here now to learn more?

Regardless of the occasion, there is a hair extension solution to meet your need. Consider just three: 


Temporary extensions are designed so that you can remove and reattach them each day or each week. This could be through lips, wefts, or weaves.’


These extensions generally last for 6-8 weeks and comprise smaller hair sections. Whether you opt for salon-installed or DIY Hair Extensions, choosing semi-permanent extensions ensures, thanks to new invisible tape technologies, a perfect blend with your natural hair. 


These hair extensions will stay in place for many months. They require the longest fitting time since, in many cases, hair is attached individually or by micro rings.  

What Is the Best Solution for Me?

The answer to this question depends on the occasion. If you generally like your current style but want to try something different for a special occasion, such as a wedding or party, temporary hair may be the best solution.

In other cases, you may want to have one distinct style for your workplace and another for your social life. In this case, temporary hair applied with clips can help you achieve this. 

Permanent hair extensions are for those that are unhappy with their current style. Perhaps they had too much cut off unwisely and now have to wait for regrowth. In other cases, a person may feel they have thinning hair and want to add body to it. 

The key is understanding yourself and your need and finding the solution to match. 

How Are People Wearing Hair in 2020?

According to fashion gurus, the style for 2020 is volume. Adding hair extensions is a great way to increase the power and weight of your style. 

Even if you have reasonable short hair, adding natural or synthetic extensions can give it the thickness you need to achieve your desired style. 

The Best Hair Extension Solutions and Much More

Not all hair extension solutions were born equal. If you want to find hair extensions that have genuine quality and look natural after application, you will need to research and plan well. However, the result can be genuinely stunning and ensure you have the perfect hair for that special occasion. 

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