As a work-at-home mom, the home profit system sounds ideal. Home Profit System is marketed to be a quick and easy way to make money. 

Having children is exhausting and time consuming. Therefore, the home profit system sounded like the best way to make money while you work from home. However, this scheme is not true to what they say it is.

In this article we are going to explore the home profit system. We are going to review whether or not it is a scam.

What Is The Home Profit System?

There are many programs that teach people how to make money online. This generates an income for the course creator. 

The home profit system review system is an online course that teaches people to make money online. In simple terms, it is a link scheme. 

The company sends you a link of products. The individual is then responsible for spamming the links onto various sites.

The purpose of these links is for affiliate marketing. The term is called “link spamming”. However, this reflects poorly on the company.

Link spamming is quickly picked up. Therefore, it increases the chances of a website being shut down. Consequently, it greatly hurts the image of the brand. 


Unfortunately, Home Profit System is a scam. The purpose of affiliate marketing is to bring traffic to your website. It’s necessary to create backlinks in order to do this.

A backlink is from one page on a website to another. Accordingly, if you link to a third party website, they have a backlink from you.

It’s important to create backlinks from high domain authority websites. These must be relevant to your information. This ensures that individuals who search this will trust your content.

In essence, the point of backlinks it to illustrate that your domain has authority. In theory, Google should pick up on this. Therefore, your webpage is more likely to rank.

Is the Home Profit System Legit?

The home profit system is a scam. The created links are extremely harmful. Therefore, they do not help a company in any way.

This link scheme is unethical and actually illegal. Furthermore, there’s a false trial period. It automatically bills your credit card without warning. 

This is not aforementioned on the sales pitch. Evidently, this company has a lot of red flags. This should deter potential people from joining.  

Furthermore, up-selling is a huge part of this scheme. It is not abnormal for people to spend upwards of $500 on up-selling. This is just draining money from individuals. 

The company states that they offer refunds. However, nobody seems to be successful in this feat. Home Profit System also sells your information to other companies.

This is not just a rumor. Home profit system is notorious for doing this. There are many reports of being added to random mailing lists. Thus, they are spammed with other businesses that they never signed up for.

Home Profit System Complaints

This company has received a few bad reviews. I wanted to look up other people’s complaints because my experience was so negative. I was not surprised by how many others were deceived by this company.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an online marketing tool. It helps people understand which businesses are trustworthy.

Some very interesting insights were uncovered about Home Profit System after doing some research via the BBB. For instance, all the reviews regarding the home profit system were negative.

All of the complaints remain unresolved. This is absolutely disgusting. A company should care about the people that work for them. BBB were unable to have any form of contact with the home profit system. 

Everyone was unsuccessful at getting a refund. People were unaware with what they were signing up for. Therefore, a refund would be essential.

Any company with ethics and values would distribute refunds. However, this company has refused to do so. This has eliminated all of their credibility.

The craziest thing was how the company drained extra money from people’s bank accounts. They were completely unaware that this was happening. 

Evidently, this is detrimental to people’s incomes. Furthermore, people are signing up for this for a supplementary income. This takes a huge toll on families.

Stay-at-home moms have numerous responsibilities within their day-to-day lives. They have more to worry about then being online every hour of the day. 

Many moms did not realize that this money was coming out of their bank accounts right away. This company did so in a sneaky way.


The testimonials definitely lure people into this scheme. They are meant to show evidence of this scheme working for people. In reality, they just provide false hope.

Evidently, all of the testimonials are fake. Many freelancers write testimonials. They then receive a pay cheque for doing so. Although the people are real, they have never had actual experience with this company.

This is the ultimate red flag within a scheme. Many mothers don’t have the time to adequately research a scheme before signing up. However, this is the wrong approach.

Doing a little bit of research will save you lots of money long term. 


Everyone should be wary of any scheme that involves a huge payout with little work. Few things in life come free. 

People should do adequate research before signing up for these money-making schemes. Unfortunately, they are not usually what they seem. 

The easiest way to research a company is to do a quick google search. This will pull up any dissatisfied customers. Everything is readily available on the internet.

Many have suffered from the home profit system scam. This company should not be in existence. They are doing more evil than good. Always be extremely careful with where your information goes!