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Florida Man April 4 – Under the Influence

Florida Man April 4 2023

Today we have three short stories about Florida man April 4. This day is not just another day for the people of Florida. They may be short, but they will give you a dose of Florida man’s craziness and the reckless behavior that often follows. The incidents that occurred on April 4th are a testament to the unpredictable nature of Florida man, keeping the law enforcement on their toes.

The phrase “Florida man” is often associated with unusual and entertaining incidents, particularly on April 4th. This might not be as amusing if you’re a Florida resident, however. Here are some examples of reckless driving and violent behavior that occurred on this date. These incidents highlight the unpredictable and sometimes hazardous actions that “Florida man” is notorious for, eliciting both laughter and worry from the public.

Florida Man April 4

Florida Man April 4, 2019 – Ambulance Carjacking

While the driver was assisting a patient into Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, Florida, an ambulance was momentarily unattended. This brief lapse provided an opportunity for a 29-year-old Florida man, Trey Cornwell, to take the vacant ambulance and initiate a reckless chase.

29-year-old Florida man, Trey Cornwell, couldn’t resist the temptation of an unattended ambulance. His pursuit of this vehicle not only put himself in danger, but also potentially threatened the safety of others on the road, leading to a quick reaction from law enforcement. He chose to seize the moment and drive the ambulance away.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get far before getting stuck in the mud, which led to his quick capture by law enforcement. At least his capture wasn’t difficult for the police, preventing a long chase that could have put more lives at risk. His failed attempt at a reckless escape only added to his legal problems.

Cornwell was arrested and charged with Grand Theft Auto, adding to his list of offenses from his reckless escape. His quick capture highlights the proactive steps taken by law enforcement to reduce the risks posed by irresponsible individuals like him.

Florida Man April 4th

Florida Man April 4, 2017 – Attacks a Man With Parkinson By Mistake

A 66-year-old tourist in Orlando, Florida, with Parkinson’s disease, was attacked by a 21-year-old Florida man, Kevin Mena, on the 4th of April. The incident unfolded in the parking lot of a shopping plaza, where the unsuspecting tourist and his family became victims of a senseless act of brutality.

In the parking lot of a shopping plaza, the tourist was opening his car door while his daughter loaded up their shopping in the trunk, unaware of the impending danger. The unprovoked attack on the elderly tourist underscores the alarming and unanticipated nature of the threats posed by individuals like Kevin Mena, prompting a heightened sense of vigilance among the public.

The car happened to look a lot like Kevin Mena’s car. This incident took place in Florida, and it’s a classic example of mistaken identity leading to a bizarre series of events. It’s a reminder to always double-check before taking any drastic actions.

Mena saw that a man was trying to open the door of “his car.” Next, he decided to push him from behind. This reckless act led to serious consequences, causing harm to the innocent tourist. The situation escalated due to a misunderstanding, highlighting the importance of staying calm and assessing the situation before reacting.

According to Orange County Sherriff’s arrest report, the force was so brutal it caused the tourist face to hit the window. The impact caused him to break some teeth and injured his nose. The aftermath of this incident serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the need for restraint and careful judgment in unexpected confrontations.


When Mena realized that it wasn’t his car, he took off. Mena was arrested shortly after. Now he is facing charges of aggravated battery and battery on someone over 65 years of age, with no bond. This incident underscores the serious legal repercussions of impulsive actions, serving as a stark reminder to think before acting in moments of confusion or distress.

Florida Man April 4, 2019 – – A Drunkard and His Golf Cart

On April 4, 2019, a Florida man led police on a low-speed chase on a golf course. This bizarre incident involving a Florida man showcases the unpredictable nature of events that unfold in the state. It’s a testament to the unique and unusual occurrences that often make headlines in Florida.

This story plays out like an action scene in a movie that could only take place in Florida. The Sunshine State has gained notoriety for its eccentric and outlandish news stories, and this incident is no exception. It’s a reminder of the captivating and sometimes unbelievable events that occur in Florida.

The Florida man identified himself as Dean Hooks. Hooks was found by the Sumter County Sheriff Deputies cruising and boozing in his golf cart at a red light. This comical yet concerning situation involving a Florida man highlights the colorful and unexpected encounters that law enforcement officers experience in the state. It’s a testament to the unconventional and sometimes humorous incidents that occur in Florida.

When authorities started asking questions to Hooks, they could already smell the alcohol in him. This encounter with law enforcement underscores the importance of responsible behavior, especially in public spaces. It also serves as a cautionary example of the consequences that can arise from reckless actions and decisions.

The officers reported him looking extremely drunk. They also said he barely could even remember his own name. This incident involving a Florida man on a golf course serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of irresponsible behavior. It’s a cautionary tale that highlights the importance of making responsible choices, especially when under the influence of alcohol.

The Conclusion

A 1.75-liter bottle of Fireball cinnamon whisky was discovered beside him, along with four unopened, empty, and brand-new bottles. The scene painted a concerning picture of excessive alcohol consumption.

Hooks underwent two breathalyzer tests, revealing blood-alcohol levels of .285 and .292 BAC, both significantly higher than the legal driving limit of .08. This alarming revelation shed light on the severity of the situation.

He was arrested for driving under the influence.

Final Thoughts

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