Florida Man April 4 – Short But Sweet

Today we have three short stories about Florida man on April 4. They may be short, but they will definitely give you a dose of Florida man’s craziness. 

We all know that Florida man is the gift that keeps on giving. Unless you live in Florida, I guess. Here are a few accounts of driving and brutality for the 4th of April.

Florida Man April 4, 2019 – Ambulance Carjacking

We don’t know what his motivation was for doing it, but we surely know he failed.

An ambulance was left unattended for a short time while the driver helped bring a patient inside Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville.

Florida man, 29-year-old Trey Cornwell, could not let the opportunity of an empty ambulance pass. He decided to jump inside and drive the ambulance away.

 Unfortunately, he had not made it far before getting stuck in the mud. At least he didn’t make it so hard for the law enforcement to catch him. 

Cornwell was taken into custody and facing a charge of Grand Theft Auto.

Florida Man April 4, 2017 – Attacks a Man With Parkinson By Mistake

Florida man got it wrong and made it even worse.

A 66-year-old tourist in Orlando, Florida, with Parkinson’s disease, was attacked by a 21-year-old Florida man, Kevin Mena.

In the parking lot of a shopping plaza, the tourist was opening his car door while his daughter loaded up their shopping in the trunk.

The car happened to look a lot like Kevin Mena’s car. 

Mena saw that a man was trying to open the door of “his car.” Next, he decided to push him from behind. 

According to Orange County Sherriff’s arrest report, the force was so brutal it caused the tourist face to hit the window. The impact caused him to break some teeth and injured his nose.

The victim’s daughter told The Orlando Sentinel that her father and Mena’s car are very similar. She was loading the groceries in the trunk when she heard her dad scream.

When Mena realized that it wasn’t his car, he took off. Mena was arrested shortly after. Now he is facing charges of aggravated battery and battery on someone over 65 years of age, with no bond.

Florida Man April 4, 2019 – – A Drunkard and His Golf Cart

On April 4, 2019, a Florida man led police on a low-speed chase on a golf course.

This story plays out like an action scene in a movie that could only take place in Florida.

The Florida man identified himself as Dean Hooks. Hooks was found by the Sumter County Sheriff Deputies cruising and boozing in his golf cart at a red light. 

When authorities started asking questions to Hooks, they could already smell the alcohol in him.

The officers reported him looking extremely drunk. They also said he barely could even remember his own name. 

An open bottle of 1.75 liters of Fireball cinnamon whisky was found beside him, and 4 more bottles closed, empty and new, around him.

Hooks was tested with a breathalyzer twice. His blood-alcohol level registered at .285 and .292 BAC, respectively. The legal limit to drive is only .08. 

He was arrested for driving under the influence. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to know more about Florida man’s wild stories, make sure to check out some of my other posts on the sunshine state. Whenever your birthday is, or date it is, he is just so prolific. So tune in!