How to Bring Relaxation Into Your Home Office Setup

So you thought that working from home was going to be a dream, right? Sure, you’re getting rid of your daily commute and you can work in your pajamas, but you’re still feeling stressed out! What gives?

It might be time to adjust your home office setup so you can relax while you work.

Not sure what to do? Let’s talk about it! Keep reading to learn our top home office setup ideas for creating a comfortable and relaxing space.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Not only will natural light make you more productive while you’re working, but it might also make you feel happier and more relaxed. If possible, take advantage of natural light in your home office.

Artificial light can put a lot of strain on your eyes. You may develop headaches which will increase your stress. Natural light, as long as it’s not shining directly at you, won’t present this problem.

Place your workspace adjacent to a window. Consider adding a mirror or two around your work-from-home office setup to bounce light around.

Bonus: by letting in more natural light, you’ll also be reducing your energy bills.

Play Calming Sounds

If you’re not someone who needs to work in complete silence, consider playing calming music or sounds while you’re working. It can make a huge difference.

Put a small speaker in your office, but not too close to your workstation. Make sure that you’re able to control it from where you’re sitting so you can turn it off if you need to focus.

We recommend either instrumental music or nature sounds, but some people prefer listening to podcasts while they work.

Get Some Greenery

Indoor gardening is trendy right now. Why not bring some greenery into your best home office setup? This is a great idea when you use it in combination with your natural light.

Plants increase overall positivity levels. They give you something nice to look at and they can make your office feel more cheerful.

Make It Smell Nice

Why not fill your home office with a soothing scent?

When you put a signature scent in your home office, you’ll be ready to get into “work mode” as soon as you smell it. When that scent is calming, it will make it far easier for you to relax and stay focused while you’re on the job.

Consider something like soothing lavender, eucalyptus, or santal oil.

Pick Comfortable Furniture

When you’re working in a professional office, you don’t get much say over your furniture. When you set up a home office on your own, however, you have complete control.

Find a store that specializes in office furniture and pick a desk & chair that’s comfortable and stylish. Finding an office furniture store is simple, just head to Google and search “office desks in Sydney”  or whichever area you live in.  Consider having some alternative seating options, like an exercise ball, to test out when you’re feeling fidgety.

What Will You Add to Your Home Office Setup?

Your home office setup should suit your needs. Sure, you still need to focus on work, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to relax while you’re taking care of your tasks.

Try these tips to make the most relaxing home office!

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