The following tips and advice will help you do so successfully and safely on weaning off your medication so you can continue to feel good and maintain your health and well-being.

How To Wean Off Medication

You may be taking any number of medications for a wide variety of reasons. However, there may come a point in time when you want to wean off of a dangerous medication.

The following tips and advice will help you do so successfully and safely so you can continue to feel good and maintain your health and well-being. Stopping it without a plan is never a wise idea and may cause you some harmful consequences.

Consult with A Doctor

Your first step when you want to wean off medication is to consult with your doctor or a professional. Have a discussion about how you’re feeling and why you wish to stop taking your medication. If they agree, then they can help you do so safely and reduce the chance of any harmful or unwanted side effects. Consult with your doctor or team of experts during the process so you can make them aware of how you’re feeling.

Track Your Mood & Effects

Another tip is to track your mood and any other side effects that occur when you want to wean off of the medication you’re currently taking. It may help to maintain a mood calendar and write down how you feel as you stop taking it. Reach out and ask family and friends for support as well so they can help you monitor your moods and disposition. This way you can quickly recognize if you’re having any withdrawal symptoms or other mental or physical health problems.

Maintain Healthy Habits

It’s also important that you maintain healthy habits as you wean off medication. As you taper, continue to live a healthy lifestyle and take good care of yourself. It includes eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, and finding healthy ways to cope with and reduce your stress.

Consider Therapy

You may be able to control your illness or disease through living a healthy lifestyle and talk therapy or other treatment options as you wean off your medication. It may be helpful to contact a professional who can help in this area and who you can talk to and stay in touch with, as you get off of your medication.

Be Patient

You must also be patient as you wean off medication and commit to completing the entire process. You want to avoid having a relapse and not feeling like yourself. Tapering off medication can take time so it’s not a task you can tackle overnight. Everyone is different and reacts differently so avoid comparing yourself to others and their situation. The time it takes you will depend upon your dosage amount and how long you’ve been on it.


These tips will help you safely wean off your medication and maintain a stable mood and your well-being while doing so. While going off your medication may be the right option for you, it’s not a process you should complete on your own. Take it slow and be honest with yourself about any side effects or mood changes as you go.  

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