Florida Man June 15

Florida Man June 15, Can You Believe These?

Florida is an interesting state with a lot of weird stories including these next three stories of Florida man June 15. The people get up to all kinds of chaos. For the rest of the world, that chaos makes for great stories. Today we are going to take a look at what Florida Man has done on June 15th.

Florida Man Goes To Church

A lot of people go to church in Florida but it isn’t every day that a true Florida Man goes to church.

On June 15, Florida Man was sitting in church when he decided that the service was too loud. He pushed the priest down and then started hugging and/or pushing other churchgoers.

Police arrested the Florida man for the chaos he caused at the church.

Florida Man June 15 – Traffic Troubles

This may be one of the shortest stories but we had to cover it because of how reflective of Florida Man it is. Florida Man was pulled over by the police for how he was driving. When the officer walked up to the window Florida Man decided to chug another can of beer. Obviously, Florida Man was arrested for DUI. 

Florida Man June 15 – Bite to the Face

Florida Man apparently didn’t have the same level of common sense that a lot of people have.

While he was playing frisbee at the park, his frisbee went into the lake. Florida Man took to the water during alligator mating season and as a result, got bit in the face.

He survived but he also got numerous cuts and bruises as he tried to force himself free of the alligator’s jaws.


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