Florida man july 4

Florida Man July 4 – Born on The 4th of July!

These 2 Florida Man July 4 stories give us a taste of American patriotism, Florida style.

Our Florida man can really get up to crazy antics, whether it is just trouble or some of the weirdest stuff we have ever heard of. It sure is entertaining.

Today, we will look into the crazy things that Florida Man has done on July 4th. These stories will surprise you.

July 4th Florida Man and His Fireworks

A Florida man was recently brought to the hospital after an “accident” with his fireworks. The Florida Man and his friends had modified the fireworks to have a shorter fuse than usual.

That shorter fuse caused the fireworks to explode in Florida Man’s hand.

The explosion from the modified fireworks was so big that it could be seen on the first-floor lawn. 

This is why they recommend that you not modify fireworks in any way. The man’s eyebrows were burnt, his hearing was severely damaged, and he is now missing a few fingers.

Florida man injured himself pretty badly, he also scared his neighbors as well.

Florida Man July 4 His Guitar, and the Star-Spangled Banner

What do you do on July 4th? You play the star-spangled banner. Florida Man Lane Pittman, 22 decided that he was going to go all out.

He put on his patriotic flag attire and walked out into the middle of the street with his guitar. In the middle of the road, he started playing his own version of the Star-Spangled Banner.

The Neptune Beach Police showed up and asked Florida Man to move to the sidewalk. He complied and finished his song.

After completing his piece, the police approached him again and arrested him. Officers later charged Pittman with breach of peace.

The crowd, who had been enjoying the song, became upset. Officers claimed that the only way to calm the group was by arresting and taking away Florida Man.

On the other hand, Florida Man argued that the crowd only got mad when the police stopped his guitar work.

Florida Man July 4 – Human Firework

Okay, so this one is not technically July 4. However, it took place a day before and really shows a Florida man who hates the 4th of July.

Residents of a Cape Coral neighborhood were awoken by the sounds of fireworks in the middle of the night. However, these were not just any fireworks. These were human fireworks.

One witness stated she went outside to see why her dogs were barking. That’s when she heard her neighbor screaming firework noises.

The man was making all the noise to protest how loud his neighbors had been with their celebrations.

There is video footage of him screaming “boom” and arguing with angry neighbors.


What did you think of these stories? Florida Man really manages to always surprise us all.

If you want to learn more about what Florida Man has done throughout history, take a look at some of the other days covered.

We can guarantee the stories only get weirder from here.

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