Florida Man September 8

Florida Man September 8 – Banana Bandit

This is post brings us 2 Florida man September 8 stories. On the same day that Michelangelo unveiled his beautiful creation, The Statue of David. On this beautiful day, what did the Florida Man do to make the world a little more beautiful?

Florida Man September 8, 2020 – Florida Man Tried to Escape Cops with His Saggy Pants

PUTNAM, Fla. – If Florida man had worn a belt was worn that day. It could have saved him a lot of embarrassment.

The story started with a Facebook post from Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, stating that a belt would have been an ideal accessory to his escape.

The light, the cheap accessory might help him to avoid this kind of embarrassment.

Officers recorded the incident, stating that the 37 year old Florida Man was in handcuffs, when he found a way to get out.

He escaped, but not too far. His bold escape from the scene had been ruined by none other than his own pants.

In this condition, he couldn’t even walk properly never less run, so the deputies ran after and caught him quickly.

Police charged the saggy-pants Florida man with multiple accounts. The charges were burglary of a vehicle, resisting an officer, methamphetamine possession, and more.

Joking with the situation, the post later stated that he wouldn’t have to experience the sagginess again in an inmate uniform.

Florida Man September 8, 2021 – Florida Man Plants Banana Tree to Cover Potholes

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man is fed up with the poor condition of the road near his business. He found a solution: cover the holes with banana trees!

The man in the story, Bryan Raymond, was not under the influence of anything except pure Florida sunshine when he decided to plant a tree as cover for the potholes.

Instead of filling the holes with cement, he came up with his radical idea to plant a banana tree. Not your usual way to fix a road, but it works.

This isn’t a public road, but instead, a private one located around his business. The officials said that it’s up to the owners how to maintain the street. In Raymond’s mind, the banana tree is the problem solver.

Raymond told WBBH that, it’s important to visually mark the holes by putting something obvious.

The security cameras of Raymond’s business actually caught the culprit of the pothole. The hole was damaging enough to cars and even caused floodwaters on some occasions.

People reacted to this creativity in such a funny way. Some even encouraged others to do the same. Most people in the community also agreed with what Raymond has been doing.

They said that the pothole was damaging their vehicles badly.

Raymond himself said that after what he had seen on the street, many cars were hitting the pothole, especially when they were not careful. They often bottom out, which could be very damaging to the car.

What he had done was for the greater good. However, some passersby were quite surprised by what they had seen. One even mentioned that the sight brings them disbelief.

Final Thoughts

Stories like these are what we love the most. Although Florida Man is known for being aggressive, impatient, and always grumpy, sometimes there is another Florida Man who acts much better and funnier. Do what you do, Florida Man!

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